Strange Utah laws often seen out of context

BYU political science professor Adam Dynes said these types of laws are sometimes passed as reactions to current events. He also said that because they don't affect many people, they tend to get forgotten about and often stay on the books for years.

Debate: do Lagoon animals receive adequate care?

Hundreds of thousands of people protest Lagoon theme park's caged animals. Lagoon says they take the care of their animals "very, very seriously."
Rebecca Klemetson

Bean Museum turns 40

2018 marks the 40th anniversary of the Monte L. Bean Life Science Museum.

Heber family files lawsuit against federal agents for home raid

"They pointed big guns at me and the kids and yelled at us," Bernice said in a statement. "They separated me from my kids and threatened me. I kept asking to see a warrant and what I had done wrong."
Tiffani Berthold

Yoga provides physical, mental benefits

World Yoga Day — Feb. 22 — is a day dedicated to celebrating yoga and helping people find their inner zen. The Daily Universe talked to yoga instructors and practitioner about why yoga is important to them and what physical and mental benefits they gain from yoga in celebration of World Yoga Day.

Mitt Romney announces U.S. Senate Run

Former presidential candidate Mitt Romney announced Friday through a video that he's running for the United States Senate in the upcoming 2018 election.