Education Week

Education Week: Challenges to religious freedom and what can be done

Elizabeth A. Clark and Matthew K. Richards spoke during an Education Week session about the current challenges religious freedom faces.

Education Week: The place of humor in the Church

An Education Week session on Friday was filled with laughter and jokes about funeral potatoes and funny sayings on gravestones as BYU religion professor Lawrence R. Flake spoke about the place of humor in the Church.

Education Week: The Book of Mormon focuses on the Abrahamic Covenant

BYU professor of ancient scripture Kerry Muhlestein spoke at an Education Week session on Thursday about the Abrahamic Covenant as taught in the Book of Mormon and its relation to the present-day Gathering of Israel.

Education Week: Biblical symbols reveal Second Coming will be joyful, glorious

BYU professor Donald Parry told Education Week participants that they need not fear the events preceding the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, and that they should instead look forward to the prophesied event with anticipation.

Education Week: Brad Wilcox discusses the role of Church members in...

BYU religion professor Brad Wilcox spoke in an Education Week session on Thursday about the role members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints play in the gathering of Israel.

Education Week: Why Christopher Columbus matters

Clark Hinckley, son of former Church President Gordon B. Hinckley and author of "Christopher Columbus: A Man Among the Gentiles," spoke about the importance of Columbus during an Education Week session on Wednesday, August 21.