Education Week

Jackson Payne

Education Week: Dating ‘survival guide’ for young single adults

Longtime seminary and institute instructor Stephen K. Hunsaker shared various tips to help young adults have more fulfilling dating experiences in his Tuesday and Wednesday Education Week presentations.
Addie Blacker

Education Week: A place for humor in the Church

Church history and doctrine professor Lawrence R. Flake discussed examples of humor throughout Church history and current events in a series of Education Week lectures.Flake shared what he called his "Mormon humor collection," including categories exploring humor within general authorities, Church history, missionaries, "Mormon culture," children and religious comic strips.

Education Week: Athletic Director Tom Holmoe addresses ‘Cougar nation’

BYU Athletic Director Tom Holmoe discussed the current state of the school's athletic department at Education Week on Wednesday morning. Holmoe spoke before a large audience of fans and visitors to showcase recent highlights and upcoming developments for BYU's various athletic programs.

Education Week: The power of angelic visits

A renowned Biblical scholar told a BYU Education Week audience on Wednesday that many times, when angels visit mortals, they bring spiritual strength and life-changing experiences.Angels have power over the elements, can serve as protectors and messengers, invite you to repent, meet loved ones at death, assist with temple work and minister to those in need,” said Donald W. Parry, a BYU ancient language professor best known for his work with the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Education Week: Religion professor tells audience to focus on Lord’s power

People should focus more on what they can do instead of what they can’t do, Gaylamarie Rosenburg, a BYU religious education professor told a BYU Education Week audience Wednesday.

Education Week: Psychologist details the Spirit and anxiety

Clinical psychologist Debra Theobald McClendon spoke of the relationship between anxiety and the Spirit during Education Week Wednesday morning.She highlighted traits of toxic perfectionism and religious obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) she had observed in working with different clients, offering insights to remedy the causes of strife.