Video of the Day: Sherpa rescues missing Mt. Everest climber

A Nepalese Sherpa carried a climber on his back below the summit of Mount Everest after the climber was stranded in the "death zone" on Thursday, May 18.

Video of the Day: Police rescue baby deer from net

A police officer helped a baby deer out of a soccer net on Saturday, May 27 in Westlake, Ohio.

Video of the Day: Cop becomes cowboy to stop runaway horse

Burbank police officer Nicholas Moreno mounted and rode a runaway horse through Burbank, California on Tuesday, May 23.

Video of the Day: Car flies off tow truck ramp

Police body cam footage showed a car drive up and fly off the ramp of a tow truck on a highway in Lowndes County, Georgia on Wednesday, May 24.

Video of the day: Bear caught stealing cupcakes

A black bear was caught on camera stealing cupcakes from the Taste by Spellbound bakery in Avon, Connecticut.

Video of the Day: Passenger opens plane door mid-flight

A passenger opened a plane door midflight minutes before landing in Daegu, South Korea on Friday, May 26.
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