Video of the Day: Trump survives assassination attempt

Chaos erupted at a Trump rally in Butler, Pennsylvania as a shooter attempted to assassinate former President Donald Trump on Saturday, July 13. The former U.S. president’s face was bloodied as the Secret Service rushed him off the stage to safety. A bystander identified as Corey Comperatore was killed from the attempt, two bystanders were injured and the shooter has been reported as dead from the Secret Service.

Video of the Day: President Biden supports Ukraine at NATO summit

U.S. President Joe Biden opened the 75th anniversary of NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) on July 9th. During his address, he supported Ukraine saying “Ukraine can and will stop Putin.”

Video of the Day: Man arrested with hamsters in his pants

Columbus, Ohio Police released body cam footage of a pet store burglar smuggling hamsters in his pants.

Video of the Day: Hurricane Beryl wreaks havoc in Texas

The Category 1 Hurricane Beryl’s North Eastern trajectory across the United States has left much of Texas in watery disaster. President Joe Biden shared his concerns for citizens caught in the storm on X (formerly Twitter), saying he’d make sure Texans have the resources necessary for this time.

Video of the Day: Italian volcano erupts on Sicily’s northern coast

The Italian Fire Brigade (Vigili del Fuoco) caught video footage of the most recent Mount Stromboli eruption on Sicily’s northern coast. The footage was caught on July 4 and they are continuing to monitor the island.

Video of the Day: Stadium of Fire fireworks shoot into crowd

America’s Freedom Festival Stadium of Fire had a few surprises for its audience on Independence Day.
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