Video of the Day: Roomba escapes home

Doorbell camera captured cleaning Roomba leaving through a homes front door in Georgia, on Friday, Nov. 17.

Video of the Day: 12-year-old evades police in forklift

Police pursued a 12-year-old in a stolen forklift across Ann Arbor, Michigan on Saturday, Nov. 25.

Video of the Day: Otters have Thanksgiving feast

Otters enjoyed a Thanksgiving seafood feast at Living Shores Aquarium in New Hampshire on Thursday, Nov. 23.

Video of the Day: Stanley cup survives car fire

A viral video uploaded to TikTok on Wednesday, Nov. 15 showed a Stanley cup still holding ice after a car fire.

Video of the Day: Ox calf plays in fall leaves

A video uploaded by the Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium in Tacoma, Washington showed a musk ox calf playing with a pile of maple leaves on Monday, Nov. 13.

Video of the Day: Mysterious boom above Minnesota

Cameras captured a mysterious object fly across the night sky and produce a loud boom in Beltrami County, Minnesota on Monday, Nov. 13.
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