Credit: Amanda Rasmussen and Hannah Kirkeiner

What is my purpose? How do I know I’m doing the right thing? How can I find happiness when I’m going through hard times? Questions like these often weigh on the minds of young adults across the world. But where do they go for answers? What does the search for truth and purpose look like for them? And how do they know when they’ve found what they were looking for?

A young man named Joseph Smith had similar questions 200 years ago. His search for answers led him to family, friends, the Bible, and eventually a grove of trees near his home where his prayer was heard and answered.

Over the next few weeks, this website will feature stories of young adults and how they’ve found answers to the most important questions in their lives. As you explore their stories, we invite you to think about your questions, the way you find answers, and the relevance of Joseph Smith’s experience to you.

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