Anything outside of Utah Valley but still in Utah

Air pollution taking off two years from Utahns’ lives according to...

Air pollution is taking two years of Utahns' life according to a report from BYU environmental science professor Ben Abbott and student Isabella Errigo.

Proposed bill would keep law enforcement from probing DNA data

Rep. Craig Hall said he is filing a bill in the 2020 Legislature that will prevent police from accessing at-home DNA tests to perform familial DNA searches.

Australia’s not the only place getting warmer

Fires in Australia continue to rage, and climate change is to blame. Research predicts the rate of megafires to rise unless action is taken to reduce greenhouse gas emmissions.

Utah refugees respond to Trump administration policies, navigate new lives in...

Mutolera Karama Kabaka remembers weeks spent lost and hungry in the wilderness of Congo.  His father, the mayor of their hometown, had been caught supplying...

Utah leads nation with lowest unemployment

Utah is becoming well-known for its low unemployment rate and high number of jobs added to the construction, information and professional and business sectors.

New conversion therapy ban rule is likely to be issued say...

Governor Gary Herbert announced a new rule is in the works that would ban conversion therapy in Utah.