What will BYU, other Utah universities look like for fall?

BYU won't announce what Fall Semester is going to look like until July, but several other universities in the state of Utah and around the country have announced their plans for Fall Semester.

Salt Lake City protests continue peacefully

Salt Lake City residents marched over five miles June 3 in protest of police brutality and racism. The protest, like many across the nation, was peaceful.

Women played key roles in BYU’s founding history

Editor's note: This is the second of two parts commemorating 150 years since Utah women were the first in any U.S. state...

Utah non-profits help adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse

When asked about vivid recollections of their childhood, some girls may reminisce about grade-school achievements, playing sports or family vacations. Others, however, can be plunged into dark memories of sexual abuse.

Utah newsrooms protect freedom of the press during pandemic

Utah news organizations are fighting to maintain the freedom of the press, and they're fighting from remote newsrooms.

A look at Utah’s opioid epidemic: Recovery through connection and education

Utah is working to fight the opioid epidemic through recovery, community and education.
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