Police Beat: May 31-June 6

There was a suspicious individual going through the dumpster and yelling at people at the Riviera. Officers were unable to locate the individual.

Police Beat: May 23-30

A complainant called about an individual making them uncomfortable at Brigham Square. An officer responded to the area and did not find anyone fitting the description from the complainant.

Police Beat: May 16-22

There was a minor property damage accident between a van used for FSY and a parked vehicle in Lot 45. An officer made contact with the owner of the parked vehicle, took a report and provided both parties with the drivers' exchange information.

Police Beat: May 11-15

An individual had a seizure at the Talmage Building. An officer and the Provo Fire Department responded and treated the individual on the site. The individual was then released to their parents.

Police Beat: May 6-12

Officers were dispatched to the engineering building where a male had been sleeping in the mothers room for the previous two nights.

Police Beat: March 11-17

March 11 — An officer took a graffiti report from an individual on the BYU Grounds crew.
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