Police Beat

Police Beat: May 8 – 15

BYU Suspicious activity May 8 – Suspicious activity occurred at the Jesse Knight Building...

Police Beat: April 28 – May 8

BYU Theft April 28 — A theft occurred at the Richards Building bike rack between...

Police Beat: Jan 1. – Feb. 21

BYU Theft Jan. 7 — Theft from the Richards Building between 9-10 a.m.

Police Beat: Year in review

BYU: Trespassing Jan. 9 — A previously banned individual was found skateboarding in the LSB parking...

Police Beat: Nov. 1 — Dec. 3

BYU Theft Nov. 5 — Police arrested a suspect for theft of a bike at Heritage...
Lexi Flickinger

Provo representatives give first look at new fire and police facility...

Provo officials along with the city police and fire departments held an open house on Nov. 6 concerning the future of the new building for the city’s police, fire and emergency dispatch and other city departments.