Police Beat

Police Beat: Year in review

BYU: Trespassing Jan. 9 — A previously banned individual was found skateboarding in the LSB parking...

Police Beat: Nov. 1 — Dec. 3

BYU Theft Nov. 5 — Police arrested a suspect for theft of a bike at Heritage...
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Provo representatives give first look at new fire and police facility...

Provo officials along with the city police and fire departments held an open house on Nov. 6 concerning the future of the new building for the city’s police, fire and emergency dispatch and other city departments.

Police Beat: Oct. 7 — Oct. 29

BYU Fire Oct 7. — A fire started in Heritage Halls after a hot pad...

Police Beat Sept. 30 — Oct. 6

Sept. 30 — A theft occurred in the Harris Fine Arts building. Oct. 1 — An individual was caught trespassing in the Indoor Practice Field. Oct. 1 — A student reported a potential fraud that occurred at the Benson Building.

BYU Police publishes 2019 annual security and fire safety reports

BYU recently published the 2019 Annual Security and Fire Safety Reports. These reports not only give students access to safety instruction and procedures and emergency contacts, but also the crime and fire reports for 2016-18.