Police Beat: March 11-17



Criminal Mischief

March 11 — An officer took a graffiti report from an individual on the BYU Grounds crew. They reported two rocks near Y-trailhead with what appeared to be gang signs on them. The rocks were replaced and the case has been referred to the detectives division.


March 11 — Several individuals were found drinking alcohol in front of a vehicle at the Y-trailhead. An officer contacted the individuals, conducted a field sobriety test which found they were too impaired to drive and found one of the individuals was under 21. The minor was charged with illegally consuming alcohol. The driver was charged with DUI, drinking alcohol within a vehicle and knowingly furnishing alcohol to a minor. The cases have been referred to the Provo City Attorney’s Office and Utah County’s Attorney’s Office.

Hand-Pull Fire Alarm

March 12 — The hand-pull fire alarm at Budge Hall was pulled. The building was evacuated and BYU Police and Provo Fire Department responded. It was discovered to be a false alarm. This was the sixth false alarm in recent weeks. BYU Police contacted residents directly to find out who was pulling the alarm. The next day, officers interviewed two suspects and one confessed. The individual was issued a citation to Provo Justice Court.


March 11 — BYU Police officers responded to the Harold B. Lee Library after an individual banned from campus appeared there. The individual had been banned for making racial and derogatory statements. Upon further investigation, the officers could not discover if the individual had received a BYU ban letter. They realized the individual may have been a victim in the incident where racial and derogatory statements were made.


March 13 — An officer responded to the Student Athlete Building after a threatening email was sent to the athletic department. An unknown person sent an email with terroristic threats. The officer spoke with the email recipient, gathered information, notified police administration and reported the case to Investigations Division.


March 11 — An individual was detained at the Marriott Center for using a fraudulent pass to get into the stadium. The individual stated they had used a friend’s pass and both the individual and the friend were cited for criminal trespass. The case was then referred to the Provo City Attorney’s Office.

Welfare Check

March 11 — BYU Security was made aware of an individual in the Wilkinson Student Center third floor restroom who was painting statements on their body about sexual assault and genocide. Upon arriving at the scene, a small amount of paint was found, but the individual was not located.

March 11 — An officer responded to a report of suicidal ideations at Heritage Halls. The student was speaking with a CAPS counselor when the officer arrived and a safety plan had already been established.

March 11 — An officer was sent to Heritage Halls following a report of a suicidal student. The officer determined they needed to be involuntarily admitted to Utah Valley Hospital for a mental health evaluation.

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