Tweet Beat: 6/14/21

I drove to South Jordan this week just to get some chicken from Raising Cane's. It's shaping up to be a good summer, guys.

Opinion: Let’s change the way we talk about Church missions

The way we talk about missions in the Church needs to change. Too many individuals are hurt by our stereotypes and assumptions. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to living the Gospel. There is no singular right way to serve God. In every instance it is a personal decision. I hope we can all learn to change the way we talk about missions in the Church.

Tweet Beat 6/7/21

Trying to go enjoy quiet time in nature on a Sunday in Utah is impossible because every other household in the state has the exact same idea.

Readers’ Forum: 6/7/21

SAT and ACT exams are deeply flawed but they are a better metric than almost anything else out there. -Cassie Larimer We need Brigham Young University to take action and start being more environmentally conscious. -Adam Johnson

Opinion: How white journalists can support the voices of minority journalists

Journalists should represent people of diverse backgrounds in nuanced ways in all stories. Covering issues with racial and cultural awareness and sensitivity is part of the job description.

Tweet Beat: 5/31/21

I'm trying to plan in-person classes to take this fall but that means I have to mentally prepare to start actually getting ready for the day again.
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