Whitney Bigelow

Opinion: BYU should continue Zoom classes beyond pandemic

BYU should continue to offer a Zoom option for each class for those who cannot be physically present on campus, including those with various physical and mental disabilities, illnesses or family responsibilities.

Tweet Beat: 3/16/21

Instead of thinking about how horrible the pandemic has been, just think of how great it's been. We haven't had to wear real clothes for a year!

Opinion: Thank you Steve Fidel

During his nine years with that title, however, Steve Fidel has expanded his role to be so much more than just the director of our newsroom. He’s been an advocate for the staff, a mentor, the Brimhall’s unofficial snack source and a friend.

Tweet Beat: 3/9/21

What's even the point of Netflix anymore? They took The Office off.

Readers’ Forum: Marginalization at BYU

I know this week has been a touchy one for a lot of people. As a second-semester student here, I can say...

Readers’ Forum: The real face of anxiety

Imagine for just a second that your own mind is your worst enemy. Imagine every word, every action, being under strenuous critique...