The Daily Universe Magazine, October 2022

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The returned missionary to summer sales pipeline

Everyone loves a good “knock, knock” joke, until someone actually comes knocking. But for missionaries of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and door-to-door salesmen alike, knocking doors is anything but a joke. 

‘A new era for the arts’: A look into BYU’s new...

After renovations ended this summer, The College of Fine Arts and Communications is using the old Provo High School as a rest stop on their way to a new arts building. BYU's West Campus has been in the works since 2018 when BYU bought the high school.

The Harris Fine Arts Center: A legacy that won’t be forgotten

While the fine arts can be found everywhere on the BYU grounds, the Harris Fine Arts Center has served as the heart for fine arts for more than half a century. 

Female empowerment: How BYU is uplifting women

BYU’s faculty and student body work hard to make campus a place of equal opportunity and empowerment for female students as well as women around the world.  

100 years: The evolution of BYU football

Exactly 100 years ago this season, Brigham Young University’s football team began playing in its first school-documented college football season, competing in five games. 


BYU’s perfectionism plague: More than just good grades

Blood said we should follow President Nelson’s advice about the biblical definition of perfection, that we are to be complete but not flawless. The goal should be to be better today than yesterday.

Reshaping Utah: Understanding the plastic surgery epidemic

It may come as a shock to learn that Salt Lake City has the second-highest number of plastic surgeons per capita in America while being one of the most religious states in the country. 

Online Exclusive

BYU club seeks approval for general education health course

Maryn Behling started BYU Health Science, a student-led organization, to help create a general education health course all students can take, regardless of their area of study.