BYU students, faculty express concern over Haitian refugees

BYU faculty and students reacted to the thousands of Haitian refugees headed toward the U.S.-Mexico border. These refugees are fleeing natural disasters and political instability, seeking new opportunities after already attempting to do so in other countries.

Utah preparing for Afghan refugees, students can help

In the middle of the week, busy college students spend their evening sewing quilts. Not for themselves, but for refugees. Displaced people making sacrifices to travel to a foreign place and start new. 

COVID-19 has created unique social challenges for international students

Adjusting to a new culture can be hard, on top of that the pandemic has affected international students because they cannot meet with other students and show their heritage.

International students at BYU find new hope with Biden’s immigrant-friendly policies

International students that were adversely affected by the pandemic and some decisions made by the Trump administration have found new hope of completing their education in the U.S. with President Joe Biden and his immigration-friendly policies.

Church members urged to ’embrace new normal’ in Sunday afternoon session of General Conference

Church leaders from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints address people around the world and share messages of hope during the Sunday afternoon session of General Conference.

Missionaries struggle with choosing whether to delay their service

The First Presidency released new guidelines regarding the future of missionary service after the COVID-19 pandemic in a letter to the Church March 31. Missionaries must decide when to continue their service by April 30.
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