Moab ranked sixth most welcoming city in world

351 Travel Predictions research revealed Moab Utah as the sixth most welcoming city in the world based on its hospitality, tourism and beauty. Moab is the only town in the U.S. to make this worldwide survey. 

A photo from Red Cliffs Lodge from’s article. Moab Utah was voted the sixth most friendly city in the world. (

Moab is a small town in Eastern Utah and is home to 5,000 locals. It is nestled between Arches National Park and Canyonlands State Park and was the only U.S. city voted to make the “most welcoming city” of 2024.

The survey polled thousands of individuals from 33 countries around the world in July 2023. 

Researchers asked those surveyed to travel for business or leisure within the next 12-24 months. Results were gathered and compared against each other.

“Destinations also had to have an above-average amount of winners to be included on this list,” the website said.

Survey criteria required cities to have more than 200 votes. Results were deciphered by professional statisticians through’s Travel Predictions entity, a specific site dedicated to travel destination and attitude statistics.

While Moab’s towering cliffs and canyon lands may be rocky, its 269 trails and tourism industry make guests want to come back for more.

The two national and state parks around Moab boast some of the most highly-ranked trails and hospitality in the U.S. Attractions like the Corona Arch and locally owned restaurants and jewelry shops are popular with travelers.

Moab is home to many tourist attractions, including the world-famous Corona Arch. Moab was voted by as the sixth most welcoming city in the world. (Alice Gubler)

The town’s hospitality, food and tourism services have expanded over the years, with land purchases and tourist development dating back to the 1950s and 60s. 

Olivia Zeller, a photographer from Phoenix, said her experience with outdoor recreation has been positive.

“It’s also easy to find like dispersed campsites,” she said. She added Moab is always a great vacation spot and the local food is reputable.

Kristen Boye, a tourist from California, visited Moab for her honeymoon. She stayed at the caves in Moab, a current land and hospitality development project in Moab. Developers have recently opened scenic flight tours through the canyon lands.

The Caves in Moab Utah offer flights to guests who stay. Moab is nestled between Canyonlands State Park and Arches National Park. (Alice Gubler)

After an exhilarating flight through Moab’s canyon lands, Kristen reflected on her experience with the locals and town so far. 

“I have never met anyone here who has been … (less) than kind,” Kristen said. “You know with visitors from out of town I’m sure it sees a lot of traffic but the people never lose their charm.”

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