Author Shaylyn Romney Garrett invites students to be a part of America’s upswing

Shaylyn Romney Garrett, author, public speaker and social entrepreneur, spoke to the BYU campus community on March 28 about how individuals can come together to create America’s next upswing. 

An overview of Kevin J Worthen’s nine-year tenure as BYU president

Following Jeffrey R. Holland's announcement of C. Shane Reese as the next president of BYU at Tuesday's devotional, we review some of President Kevin J Worthen's major accomplishments during his nine-year tenure as president of BYU.

Elder Holland releases President Worthen, announces new BYU President

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland announced C. Shane Reese as the 14th BYU president at the devotional on Mar. 21.

Elder Johnson highlights how BYU students can ‘make a difference in the world’

Elder Paul V. Johnson, General Authority Seventy, emphasized students' divine potential when they let God prevail in his devotional address on March 14.

BYU Broadcasting director of content encourages students to align their story with the Savior

Andra J. Duke spoke to BYU students about being intentional, spiritual creators in her devotional address on March 7.

Angela Duckworth discusses family, circumstance and choice

Angela Duckworth spoke to the BYU campus community on Feb. 28, 2023, about lessons she has learned from the life experiences of her mother.
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