Church history professor invites all to be seekers of truth

BYU church history and doctrine professor Steven C. Harper invited everyone to become a seeker during his devotional address on June 8. A seeker, Harper said, is someone who finds solid source-based evidence including facts, and bases their definition on evidence.

Award-winning professor stresses thinking outside the box

BYU English professor Chris Crowe spoke on the importance of being flexible with the expectations and genre boundaries people try to place on creativity in the university's forum on May 25.

Athletic director invites all to receive, covenant and minister

BYU senior associate athletic director Liz Darger invited everyone in the campus community to receive, covenant and minister during her devotional address on May 18.

Life sciences professor discusses importance of plant, human diversity

BYU College of Life Sciences professor Rick Jellen testified of God's love for each of His children and the importance of human diversity in his devotional address on May 11. Jellen used the Allegory of the Olive Trees to show how God loves each of His children and said it is especially interesting to him as a crop geneticist.

Elder Uchtdorf to give devotional at in-person Education Week

Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf will speak at this year's Education Week devotional. BYU is currently planning on having an in-person Education Week.

Psychology professor shares her journey to God

BYU psychology professor Niwako Yamawaki shared her conversion and immigration story and how she finds Jesus Christ amid the pain of life.
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