Letting BYU’s unique light shine

BYU is home to over 30,000 undergraduates students. People online are noticing that there is something different about them.

BYU life sciences professor encourages students to forge their own paths with God’s help

BYU microbiology and molecular biology professor Mary Davis counseled students to keep moving forward on their own personal paths in her devotional address at the Marriott Center on April 9.

BYU library director tells students to stand for truth at weekly devotional

Rick Anderson, the library director at BYU, encouraged students to stand for truth, relating it to “the tree, the fruit, and the building," in a campus devotional on April 2.

How to become a confident pluralist: Harvard professor and democracy advocate spills

Harvard professor and democracy advocate Danielle Allen taught students at the BYU forum on Tuesday, March 26 how to become confident pluralists in a world full of contentious beliefs.

Elder Brian K. Taylor encourages students to rise to their divine identity, purpose, destiny

Elder Brian K. Taylor of the Seventy invited students to learn about and live up to their divine identity, purpose and destiny in a BYU campus devotional on Tuesday, March 19.

Steven J. Hafen teaches lasting personal peace is found through Christ’s Atonement

BYU’s administrative vice president and chief financial officer Steven J. Hafen addressed BYU students at a March 12 devotional, sharing how Christ’s Atonement provides peace as Latter-day Saints keep their covenants.
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