Comedian shares tips on how to face unexpected challenges

Lisa Valentine Clark, comedian, actor, and host of "The Lisa Show" shared the principles she has learned that allow for good improv during her July 20 devotional.

Accounting professor shares how to achieve ‘eternal win’

BYU accounting professor Melissa Western told faculty and students to achieve their eternal purpose — the eternal win — during the July 13 devotional.

BYU Counseling director shares ways to emulate the Savior

BYU Counseling Director Steve Smith shared lessons he has learned about emulating the Savior to help alleviate others' suffering during the June 29 devotional.

Physics professor shares how to navigate ‘messy middle’ of revelation

BYU physics professor Traci Neilsen shared how to navigate the "messy middle" of revelation through an ocean analogy during the June 22 devotional. The "mud" of life can prevent people from receiving revelation and feeling the Spirit, just like mud in the ocean absorbs sound.

Church history professor invites all to be seekers of truth

BYU church history and doctrine professor Steven C. Harper invited everyone to become a seeker during his devotional address on June 8.A seeker, Harper said, is someone who finds solid source-based evidence including facts, and bases their definition on evidence.

Award-winning professor stresses thinking outside the box

BYU English professor Chris Crowe spoke on the importance of being flexible with the expectations and genre boundaries people try to place on creativity in the university's forum on May 25.
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