BYU wind team participates in national competition

"Since we're a first year team, we were trailblazing, so to speak. No one at (BYU) has ever done this before," said BYU Collegiate Wind Competition Team member Wesley Holt.

Camps and conferences return to BYU

The improvement of COVID-19 conditions and ease of COVID-19 restrictions allowed BYU to have conferences and camps on campus in varying capacities.

Church history professor invites all to be seekers of truth

BYU church history and doctrine professor Steven C. Harper invited everyone to become a seeker during his devotional address on June 8. A seeker, Harper said, is someone who finds solid source-based evidence including facts, and bases their definition on evidence.

Athletic director invites all to receive, covenant and minister

BYU senior associate athletic director Liz Darger invited everyone in the campus community to receive, covenant and minister during her devotional address on May 18.

Vigil gives voice to ‘forgotten minority,’ the Asian and Asian American students at BYU

BYU multicultural clubs came together to organize an in-person and online vigil for the Asian and Asian American community.

BYU multicultural clubs to host Asian Community Vigil

The BYU Women of Color Club will host a vigil to remember victims of hate crimes and create a safe space for Asians and Asian Americans on May 5 at 7 p.m.
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