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Graduating seniors impacted by COVID-19 cancellations

College graduation is considered to be a milestone moment for many. But the COVID-19 pandemic is forcing this year's BYU seniors to grapple with how missing out on graduation is impacting them in the present and will impact them in the future.
Savannah Hopkinson

Members react to BYU Women’s Conference cancellation

BYU Women's Conference announced last week that the conference will not be held on the BYU campus as originally scheduled on April 30 and May 1 due to COVID-19 concerns. Members who were planning on attending are now dealing with canceled travel plans, reimbursed tickets, and disappointment.

BYU community adjusts to COVID-19 precautions

Students are adjusting to a new schedule after BYU announced classes would be moving to remote instruction starting March 18 due to the outbreak of COVID-19. All sporting events, performances, recitals and activities have been canceled for the rest of the semester.

Grad fair continues after in-person graduation ceremonies are canceled

The BYU Store is still hosting a grad fair today despite Wednesday's announcement that there will no longer be any in-person graduation convocations or commencements at BYU or other Church Education System schools. Devotionals and forums were also discouraged in the CES statement.
Hannah Miner

Steven M. Sandberg teaches about forgiveness

Steven M. Sandberg taught students that the light of Jesus Christ makes forgiving others and self possible in a devotional address Tuesday morning.
Ashley Jorgensen

Senior associate athletic director speaks at Women’s Leadership lecture

Senior associate athletic director Liz Darger speaks at BYU's Women's Leadership lecture.