The Daily Universe Magazine, February 2023

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A new perspective on faith

There are moments when the movie of your life is shattered by the stinging blow of perspective. When, like a third-person narrator, you are made to witness your own misunderstandings and misplaced assumptions.

Reading the world’s history, one family at a time

Joseph Stalin had many surprisingly kind things to say about President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s character when the President passed away. Kim Jong Un compared his meeting with President Donald Trump to “a scene in a fantasy film.” These world leaders famously disagreed on more than one issue, and publicly exchanged words. At least, they shared complicated relationships. Their interpersonal drama left an unmistakable impact on the world. 

Introducing early Christians to modern Latter-day Saints

In addition to being academically meditative, Ancient Christians: An Introduction for Latter-day Saints offers a wonderfully holistic and refreshingly nuanced view of ancient Christian religiosity and its deeply influential relationship with modern practice. 

Dr. Martha Hughes Cannon: A woman not defined by her marriage

Dr. Martha Hughes Cannon, known among her family and friends as “Mattie,” is nothing if not a complexity. Born in Wales, she converted with her family to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and ventured to Utah along with many other members of their faith in the late nineteenth century. 

Listening to the women of The Church of Jesus Christ

Never would I have thought that with so many of the ongoing conversations regarding The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and Heavenly...

Documenting Black Latter-day Saint experiences

I am writing this on Martin Luther King Day — a federal holiday in which Americans are called to reflect upon some of the most difficult and gut-wrenching parts of our history. 

Judaism, conversion and The Church of Jesus Christ

When you are born into a faithful religion with customs, practices and beliefs, it’s not just a religion with a basic understanding of who God is and what the point of life may be, it’s a culture, a family — religion becomes your way of life. 

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