‘We have the ability to bridge religious divides’ interfaith leader Eboo...

The mark of a truly educated person is understanding those of different religions, interfaith leader Eboo Patel told BYU students in today's forum.


Cougars in the pros: Sorensen seals Chiefs win with interception

Former BYU standouts thrive on defense in the NFL and Jimmer Fredette made his second debut in the Chinese Basketball League this week.

Zach Wilson and BYU Football off to historic, hype-filled 5-0 start

BYU Football's undefeated start and Zach Wilson's blistering play put the current Cougars among some of the best in the program's storied history.


Officials say Range Fire started at Orem police gun range

The Range Fire in Utah County was caused by target shooting at the Orem Police Department gun range, officials said Monday.

Foreign Language


Utah congressman takes action to stop future nuclear weapons testing in U.S.

In April 1952, a huge puff of smoke, known as the mushroom top, came out of a nuclear test explosion in Nevada.

BYU athletes slow the spread by using Healthy Together app

BYU athletes use Healthy Together app to slow the spread of Covid-19 and continue practicing with their teams.

Photo story: Hazmat suits necessary for pandemic mission call opening

Missionaries have been affected in multiple ways by the pandemic. For BYU student Kylie Lundquist, her mission call opening experience had to be altered due to a positive COVID test two days before she opened it.


New “Hee Haw Farms” haunts visitors this Halloween

0 For those looking for some tricks and treats, Hee Haw Farms is the perfect way to go...


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