Clyde Building explosion result of chemical experiment

An experiment in the BYU Clyde Building resulted in a chemical explosion Wednesday afternoon. One person was transported to the hospital for evaluation and treatment.


BYU Football players with the most to gain from a 2020...

A number of Cougar football players likely need at least some sort of abbreviated season to showcase their talents if they want to make it to the professional level. The Universe is taking a look at five such players who have the most to gain from a 2020 season.

Return of BYU Football uncertain

Recent developments within the college sports world have left BYU fans increasingly uncertain about the upcoming 2020 football season.


Utah church members asked to wear masks in public

The Utah Area Presidency of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints asked church members to wear masks whenever they are in public in a July 10 email. 

Foreign Language


BYU alum Brandon Sanderson’s Kickstarter reaches $4.5 million

BYU alum and author Brandon Sanderson starts a Kickstarter reaching donations of 4.5 million dollars
Nathan Wanlass

Cultural norms around caffeine and the Word of Wisdom shifting

For members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the focus on physical health isn't new, but attitudes around what is healthy and what is not have changed significantly over time. In recent years, BYU has seen a dramatic shift in long-standing cultural norms around the consumption of caffeinated beverages on campus.

Called to serve in a pandemic: MTC teachers adapt to remote classes

Missionaries aren't the only ones who have adapted to the pandemic. Their MTC teachers have also had to make some changes.


The pandemic’s impact on small businesses



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