Derek Larsen

Organization works with BYU students to provide humanitarian aid to Bolivian...

Yapay Bolivia is an organization that aims to assist Bolivians with healthcare and education. BYU and UVU student interns have worked to raise tens of thousands of dollars on behalf of the organization.


From ordinary to extraordinary — Gonzaga transfer Jesse Wade’s basketball success

While his various awards and accolades deem him an impressive player, recent Gonzaga recruit Jesse Wade said it was at a low point in his basketball career, a shattering cut from a Utah state competition team, that would increase his work ethic and catalyze his improvement. This enhanced vision would ultimately initiate Wade’s success as a basketball player.

Julia Haws fights through adversity to play for BYU women’s lacrosse

The Haws family welcomed a little girl in March 1998 and named her Julia. The sport of lacrosse runs in the Haws family’s blood, and somehow, Julia always had a lacrosse stick in hand growing up. Her mother, Nancy, gave her the nickname "The Bruised and Broken."


Female political leadership roles lacking in Utah despite past progress

A historic number of women were elected to Congress last year, but some Utah women are still finding it difficult to find their own voices and roles in politics.


University Place hosts Quiet Santa event for children with sensory sensitivity

University Place and the UVU Melisa Nellesen Center for Autism partnered to create a low-sensory Christmas experience that kids with a wide range of needs could enjoy.

BYU culture makes positive impact on athlete’s non-Latter-day Saint parents

Non-member Keoni and Libby Almeida discuss their experience of their daughter, Madeline, getting baptized into The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and married all within 2019.

Music producer unites Provo’s music community with recording studio

June Studio unveiled two new recordings rooms in Provo with an open house on Nov. 15. and 16. The event brought musicians, aspiring producers and friends together to tour the two recording rooms.