Student sues BYU over paying full tuition for online classes

BYU student Chase Hiatt has filed a lawsuit against the university claiming the online education offered after March 13 was "subpar" and not what he paid for.


NCAA implements new rules and safeguards for season of COVID

The NCAA Board of Governors met on Aug. 4 to discuss the 2020 season, and on Aug. 5 released a list of requirements for schools to compete this fall.

Offseason restrictions highlight BYU Football players’ ‘self-motivated’ nature

BYU Football players have seemingly had no problems keeping themselves in shape amid the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, according to coaches and players who opened fall camp this week, the Cougars have thrived physically participating in their own personal workouts this summer.


Provo party company holds event amidst COVID concerns

Provo-based party company Young/Dumb threw an underground dance party on Friday, Aug. 7, just weeks before the start of BYU's Fall Semester.

Foreign Language


How social media impacts political views

Studies show that teens feel like social media helps them see other view points, while people who primarily get news from social media tend to be less knowledgeable about current events.

Good news Thursday: Teacher pedals classroom to students, teens teach lacrosse while fighting hunger

Guatemala teacher pedals classroom to students in pandemic Gerardo Ixcoy teaches 12-year-old student Paola Ximena Conoz about...

Student housing WiFi could buckle with remote fall classes

WiFi limitations could be a hindrance for students taking remote classes this fall.


The pandemic’s impact on small businesses



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