Highlights from BYU colleges

College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Computer science professor Mark Clement, economics professor Joseph Price and a team of computer science students have developed a...


Rams outlast Chiefs 54-51 in record Monday night showdown

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Even before the fourth lead change of the fourth quarter, well before the 1,001st yard of combined offense was tallied,...

Cougars in the NFL: Week 11 update

Fred Warner recorded four tackles in a 27-23 loss to the New York Giants. He added two pass break ups and a huge touchdown-preventing tackle at the goal line on Monday, Nov. 12.


McAdams takes lead over Love, claims win in Utah House race

Democrat Ben McAdams declared victory Monday night in the tight race for a U.S. House seat in Utah, but his opponent Republican Rep. Mia Love didn't concede and The Associated Press has not called the race.


Ty Mullen

BYU alum turns passion project into career

Spencer Hughes’ perennial item on his Christmas list growing up was his wood lathe, a machine for shaping and carving wood. After receiving his dream gift, Hughes taught himself to create wooden pens and continued to grow a passion for shaping and carving wood that fed his need to create.

Franklin’s ‘Amazing Grace’ film finally hits theaters

Three years ago, Alan Elliott was at the Telluride Film Festival, prepared to unveil the holy grail of musical works: A documentary on the making of Aretha Franklin's "Amazing Grace," which had been lost to the archives for decades until Elliott spent decades restoring it so it could finally be seen.

Amazon HQ expansion means tough fight for talent

NEW YORK (AP) — When tech giants like Amazon expand, other companies don’t just worry about losing business. They also fret about hanging on...