Education Week: BYU professor talks ‘communal covenants,’ The Book of Mormon,...

BYU professor of ancient scripture Kerry Muhlestein spoke at an Education Week session on Thursday about the Abrahamic Covenant as taught in the Book of Mormon and its relation to the present-day Gathering of Israel.


Draft hopeful Khyris Tonga talks off-season improvements, decommitting from Utah

BYU football defensive lineman Khyris Tonga has NFL Draft aspirations heading into the 2019 season. There is plenty of hype surrounding the junior, and his improvements since last season have only added to it.

BYU vs. Utah preview: Analysis of eight-game losing skid

The last time BYU football took down Utah, Obama was serving his first term as president and The Black Eyed Peas' "Boom Boom Pow" was toping the Billboard charts. The eight-game losing streak has been merciless to BYU fans, but there's more to consider when analyzing these losses.


Climate change still threatens key US river after wet winter

Snow swamped mountains across the U.S. West last winter, leaving enough to thrill skiers into the summer, swelling rivers and streams when it melted, and largely making wildfire restrictions unnecessary. But the wet weather can be misleading.


Tips and tricks for keeping a mission language fluent

Language loss, or language attrition, begins almost as soon as missionaries leave their mission and return to an English-speaking environment. While keeping up a second language isn't easy, it's definitely possible.

Navigating Provo without a car

It's becoming easier and easier to get around Provo without a car, and BYU students especially have so many options beyond bumming rides off of friends. Here are four car-alternatives that are better for your health, your wallet and the environment.

Organization offers humanitarian trips despite voluntourism debate

The Kaiizen Foundation offers opportunities for volunteers to participate in projects abroad despite an ongoing debate on such projects' effectiveness.