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Tiny homes aren’t just for millennials anymore: Utah looking for homeless...

Salt Lake City Mayor Erin Mendenhall has recently pushed forward on initiatives to relieve the homeless situation in Utah. She is proposing a new solution that could help these individuals who desperately need aid.

The origins of Christmas: An interview with Mark Callister

Universe Live reporter Lizeth Vejar interviewed Mark Callister, the director of the School of Communications at BYU. He discusses the folk traditions, Christian and non-Christian roots and the origins of the Christmas holiday we now celebrate today.

Holiday recipes help bring people together

Eggnog, cookies, pies, ham and other food rings in the holiday spirit. These holiday treats might not have magic power, but the memories associated with the food brings a special holiday spirit. 

The debates rage on for real vs. fake Christmas trees

Each year a smaller percentage of Americans cut down their own Christmas trees. Universe Live reporter Joe Belnap interviewed students on campus about whether they prefer real or fake trees.

Faith Q&A with Rev. Dr. Andrew Teal

The Rev. Dr. Andrew Teal is a chaplain, fellow and lecturer at Pembroke College at Oxford University. He was a visiting scholar at the Maxwell Institute this semester and is good friends with Elder Jeffrey R. Holland of the Quorum of the Twelve. Before heading back to England in November, he shared some Christmas memories and insights with The Daily Universe.

Unique Christmas traditions to make the season more special

Universe Live reporter Alexa Larson reached out on social media to find out what others do to make this time of the year special. This video shows three unique Christmas traditions people across Utah have that makes their Christmas a little more festive and meaningful.