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How we measure BYU’s success

BYU is approaching its 150-year anniversary and the 50-year anniversary of President Spencer W. Kimball’s Second Century address. BYU’s dual credentials as a university and as a religious institution are increasingly rare in the higher education landscape. But that also means it is increasingly important — and difficult — to determine exactly what makes BYU “successful.”

Faith Q&A with Multicultural Student Services Director Moises Aguirre

Moises Aguirre is the director of the Multicultural Student Services office. He shares how his childhood and experiences at BYU have increased his faith in God.

Becoming the ‘Language capital of the world’

President Spencer W. Kimball said in his 1975 Second Century address that BYU should become the “language capital of the world.” BYU educational programs and institutions have expanded greatly in the past 47 years, giving opportunities to students from Provo to São Paulo.

Jennifer Rockwood and the origins of the BYU women’s soccer team

If BYU women’s soccer fans have learned anything from Rockwood, it is that success always follows this program. With the Big 12 on the immediate horizon, don’t be surprised if success happens rather quickly.  

Broken barriers: Pioneer women in BYU sports

BYU has a rich history of athletes, coaches and administrators lifting women’s sports to where they stand now and there will be more to come, continuing to close the discrepancies between men's and women's sports.

Elaine Michaelis: The Godmother of BYU women’s athletics

Next time you talk about the greatest to ever be "loyal, strong and true," don’t forget mention legendary coach, administrator, mentor and pioneer — Elaine Michaelis.