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Traveling the Navajo Nation after the devastation of COVID-19

Daily Universe reporters traveled to Navajo Nation, the largest reservation in the country located in Southern Utah, to discover the realities of reservation life following the COVID-19 pandemic.

Archiving Auschwitz: journalism students document Holocaust preservation efforts

Students in BYU’s journalism sequence visited Auschwitz and other Holocaust sites in May to document the school’s involvement with current preservation efforts. They created a mini-documentary, which they premiered in the School of Communications in June.

Lean into Light: BYU Homecoming adds new features while relying on...

BYU’s Homecoming traditions trace their history back more than 125 years, and the 2023 version of Homecoming is relying on that legacy while adding...

Uniting Diverse Faiths Through Temples

Moved by a couple realizing they could see their son after death, Archna tearfully said, “And these are the longings of every human heart, to be with our families.”
Daily Universe Magazine, March 2023 Front Page

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Legacy of service: President Nelson’s 99th birthday

President Russell M. Nelson of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints turns 99 years old on Sept. 9, 2023. Since becoming the leader of the Church in 2018, President Nelson ushered in an era of change, building upon principles espoused over the course of his life.