Disney+ racks up 10 million users in first 48 hours since...

Approximately 10 million people have already purchased Disney+ subscriptions since the company’s official launch on Tuesday, Nov. 12, according to a Disney press release.

Church announces 2019 Giving Machine locations

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has expanded its Light the World campaign by announcing 10 Giving Machine locations for this Christmas season.

Provo-based app encourages friendship building

In May 2018, Sean Bair was on his way to meet a friend when he realized he had forgotten the names of his friend’s children, though he’d met them numerous times. Embarrassed, Bair quickly called his wife for help so he could avoid a potentially awkward situation.

Annual administrators conference addresses the importance of arts in education, Alex...

Teachers, college professors and librarians gathered at the Marriott Hotel on Center Street for the Learning Edge Annual Administrators Conference hosted by the Center for the Improvement of Teacher Education and Schooling. The conference focused on arts in schools and Alex Boyé spoke about how meaningful arts have been in his life.

BYU students react to impeachment proceedings

National discourse about the potential impeachment of President Donald Trump has intensified as House Democrats conduct impeachment proceedings. BYU students weighed in by sharing their opinions on the proceedings and Trump's presidency.

Provo’s Afuego Fridays strives for clean, good fun

Afuego Fridays is a weekly dance held at the Enigma Event Center in Provo that features Latin and hip-hop music. While many night clubs have the inclination to be wild and chaotic, Afuego Fridays owner Luis Castro said he has adapted the club to fit community values.