Allison McArthur

A walk in his shoes: A BYU Professor’s life as a...

Ben Schilaty's experience as a gay member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is one that brings hope and light to many who are struggling to walk a similar path.

General Authority Seventy pleads with students to remember Christ’s doctrine

General Authority Seventy Kyle S. Mckay pleaded with students to remember the necessity of Jesus Christ and His doctrine in his BYU devotional on March 23.

Church’s Easter initiative invites everyone to start fresh

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints released their Easter Initiative prior to General Conference with the trending hashtag of #StartingToday.

Church announces baptistry to open in 14 temples

The Church announced 14 temples around the world will now be able to open their baptistry to limited groups for proxy ordinances.

Church announces new leadership positions for women

The Church expanded female leadership in the Church by calling six women in Europe to fulfill new leadership positions titled International Area Organization Advisers.

Trials, lacrosse lead to BYU senior’s lasting conversion

Natalie Giles came to find the gospel through her brother's death and lacrosse.