September 2022

Black 14

BYU student-produced documentary ‘The Black 14: Healing Hearts and Feeding Souls’

A documentary made by BYU journalism students shares the inspiring story of the University of Wyoming’s Black 14 and their humanitarian and philanthropic work with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to curb food insecurity.

The Black 14: Healing Hearts and Feeding Souls

A documentary made by BYU journalism students shares the inspiring story of the University of Wyoming's Black 14.

The Black 14

In 2019, John Griffin, Mel Hamilton, Tony McGee, Tony Gibson and several teammates were welcomed back to the University of Wyoming, 50 years after an incident that dramatically changed their lives.

Working together against food insecurity

The Fountain of Hope Food Bank’s success comes in part from food deliveries funded by the Black 14 philanthropic organization in partnership with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Playing on the same team: The Black 14 and The Church...

In an unexpected partnership, two former football players brought their “teams” together to play for a higher cause: feeding the hungry and lifting their communities.

Q&A with Tracey Owens Patton

Tracey Owens Patton is a professor at The University of Wyoming who has played an instrumental role in bringing a voice to the Black 14.

The Black 14: BYU journalism students share their experience working on...

BYU journalism students spent this past spring and summer working on a documentary to tell the story of the Black 14, the University of Wyoming football players who were kicked off their team in October 1969.

HBCU Morgan State

Pulitzer Prize winner feels called to Morgan State University

Pulitzer Prize winner E.R. Shipp reflects on the impact of education in her life and her time spent advocating for HBCU students.

Historically Black Colleges & Universities provide opportunity

Morgan State University holds a spot as one of 101 Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) in the United States.

Morgan State University teaches values, excellence

Reflections on a BYU student's experience visiting Morgan State University and what she learned

Other stories

Texans reflect on hurricanes Harvey and Rita

Jeff Mathews coaches football at Vidor High School, about 95 miles east of Houston, Texas. When Hurricane Harvey hit the southeast coast of Texas in 2017, Mathews’ life changed forever.

Jaren Hall ready to ride as BYU’s uncontested starting quarterback

Firmly in the driver's seat as BYU's starting quarterback headed into fall camp, Jaren Hall could be primed for an NFL-sized leap of his own in 2022 — just don't let him hear that.