Cougar Connection: Daniela Lopez

Meet Daniela Lopez! Lopez is a junior who studies exercise science and paints in her spare time. Ever since she was a little girl, she was inspired by her grandma and the way she brought art and creativity into the world.

Staff Spotlight: Dani Hallows

some of the department's professors to learn more about the program. After considering different options, she realized that a Journalism major was what she was most drawn to.

Cougar Connection: Lady Ikeya

Meet Lady Ikeya! Ikeya brought her family to Utah from Nigeria over a year ago so she could get a master's degree in Public Administration. She said that accommodating professors have allowed her to balance being a mother and student.

Faculty Friday: Quint Randle

Meet Dr. Quint Randle! Randle has been teaching at BYU for 21 years and mainly teaches content creation. He has a variety of hobbies and interests, such as beekeeping and being in a band.

Cougar Connection: Alyson Williams

Meet Alyson Williams! Williams is a junior studying physiology and developmental biology. She is passionate about learning about the human body. She hopes to one day be a NICU doctor.

Faculty Friday: Fred Woods

Meet Fred Woods! Foods has been a professor of religion at BYU for 24 years. Woods was converted when he was 20-years-old and has spent the rest of his life trying to increase the conversion of those around him.
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