Cougar Connection: Bekah Sumsion

Meet Bekah Sumsion! Sumsion is a music major who has a passion for teaching music. She had the opportunity to be a choir leader for a middle school choir.

Faculty Friday: Tony Brown

Meet Tony Brown! Brown is a professor in the German and Russian department. When Brown came to BYU he began developing a study abroad experience that would incorporate language into students’ future careers.

Cougar Connection: Kaylee Anthony

Meet Kaylee Anthony, a sophomore studying special education. She was recently diagnosed with ADHD and realized that there weren’t problems with her personality—she just needed special help to thrive in school. She is passionate about middle schoolers and is excited for her future as a teacher helping them to succeed!

Cougar Connection: Ryan Egan

Meet Ryan Egan! Egan is a fourth-year student at BYU studying music with an emphasis in choral education.

Staff Spotlight: Sue Murie

Meet Sue Murie! Murie works as a coordinator for the Honor area of BYUSA. She also teaches Integrity for Life, a class designed to help students improve their lives.

Cougar Connection: Andrew Widman

Meet Andrew Widman! Widman is a film major who has always loved movies. During quarantine, he watched every best film from the Oscar Awards and rated them on his Letterboxd account.
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