Faculty Friday: Steven Wood

Meet Dr. Steven Wood! Wood has been a BYU chemistry professor for around 35 years. Since childhood, Wood has been fascinated with chemistry so decided that he wanted to make it his career.

Cougar Connection: Brooke Taylor

Meet Brooke Taylor! Taylor is a senior studying experience design and management. Brooke was recently diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

Cougar Connection: Maire Harbottle

Meet Maire Harbottle! Harbottle has a passion for public health and has been involved in her community in various ways for the past few years.

Faculty Friday: Jennine Hollingshaus

Meet Jennine Hollingshaus! Hollingshaus is an adjunct instructor in the Theatre and Media Arts Department and a professional makeup artist.

Cougar Connection: Houston Heimuli

Meet Houston Heimuli! Heimuli is plays fullback for BYU Football. He originally played at Stanford University before he was offered a position on BYU's team.

Faculty Friday: Megan Jones

Meet Dr. Megan Sanborn Jones! Jones is the Department Chair and Professor of Theatre Art Studies. She studies LDS Culture and Mormonism in performance.
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