Grappling with governing: Rep. Burgess Owens positive Trump won election

Newly-elected Rep. Burgess Owens opposed the Electoral College vote from Pennsylvania and has consistently sided with Donald Trump's claims that he won the presidential election.
Religious Outreach Council

Race and Christianity event to be held by BYU campus groups

BYU campus organizations are sponsoring a two-day, virtual lecture on race and Christianity.

What is the post-election trajectory of America’s free press?

Joe Biden's election creates some hope for many of those involved in communications. Biden during his campaign has treated the press better and thus makes many hope there will be a restored relationship between the press and the president.

The ‘scope’ of the argument: Why the Second Amendment matters

The U.S. Constitution's guarantee of the right to bear arms has been a primary conversation topic among Americans in 2020. As uncertainty and fear have plagued the world over the last eight months, there has been a surge in gun sales nationwide — many of them to first-time owners.

U.S. economy has changed 180 degrees since January: How will it...

The economy is usually the most relevant issue during a presidential election, even during war time or, in 2020, the war against COVID-19. If employment and wages are up, the incumbent’s chance of reelection historically rises. Unfortunately for President Donald Trump, COVID-19 changed the framework of the economy, creating an entirely different political landscape than what existed in January.

BYU College Republicans confident Trump will win, some wary of sharing...

Republicans on BYU campus are anticipatory for the presidential election on Nov. 3.; some optimistic and some doubtful of President Donald Trump's reelection.