Church members in US politics share experiences

There are 10 members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints currently serving in Congress. Despite common ties to the Church, Latter-day Saints serving in political positions have different reasons for getting involved in politics.

BYU fosters pickleball growth

The USA Pickleball Association featured BYU in its official magazine for being one of the first colleges to offer pickleball as an accredited course.

Studies show bipartisanship increases government action

Political polarization is becoming a defining feature of today's America, according to reports by Pew Research Center. This trend often causes issues because legislation requires bipartisan support to pass.
Ravell Call

BYU students express belief in climate change

The internet is abuzz with talk about what needs to be done to address climate change following the UN Climate Change Summit held Sept. 21-23. But many nations, including the U.S., left the conference without any firm plans to decrease their contributions to climate change.

Utah politicians address whistleblower complaint

Ever since news broke about a whistleblower complaint alleging President Donald Trump sought help from Ukraine to interfere in the 2020 elections, Congress has been on edge — including the politicians who represent Utah constituents.

False claims blur line between mass shootings, 2020 politics

The breakneck speed of the misinformation — and just how far it spread — illustrates an eagerness to blame such events on political ideologies, regardless of whether the facts support that.