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April 9: Today’s BYU Campus COVID-19 update

The BYU campus has changed drastically due to the spread of COVID-19 throughout the country and the world. Find out how the...

Utah in a niche market for non-caffeinated Barq’s Root Beer

BYU's decision to stop selling Barq's root beer after it became caffeinated, eventually led to a non-caffeinated formula being sold throughout Utah, including on the BYU campus.
Rebecca Nissen

Are BYU students still hyped for caffeine?

cThough caffeine on campus was exciting when it was brand new, caffeinated drinks are the norm at BYU now. Are BYU students still excited to sit down with a Dr Pepper? Or do they yearn to "Choose the Sprite?"

Students react to offer of re-enrollment in withdrawn classes

The BYU Registrar Office sent out an email on March 25 to students who had withdrawn from classes after March 12. The email informs students about an option to re-enroll in classes they withdrew from by submitting a petition request form.

BYU student employees adjust to job changes during COVID-19 closures

Leer en español: Los empleados estudiantiles se adaptan a los cierres a causa del COVID-19 CougarEat employees help...

BYU community adjusts to COVID-19 precautions

Students are adjusting to a new schedule after BYU announced classes would be moving to remote instruction starting March 18 due to the outbreak of COVID-19. All sporting events, performances, recitals and activities have been canceled for the rest of the semester.