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Highlights from BYU colleges: Professor earns entrepreneur award, new wildflower discovered

A recent BYU graduate has created a company helping employees make social connections as they relocate for work. Entrepreneur Carly MacLennan (MBA ‘20) started SocialHire after realizing how many companies lose employees to homesickness, inability to adapt to a new area, or because they feel socially distant from their coworkers.

CFAC creates a diversity, inclusion and accessibility committee among professors

The College of Fine Arts and Communications announced a new diversity, inclusion and accessibility committee. The college is seeking to listen to the voices of minority students and make changes in the college to better the student experience.

Answers about randomized COVID testing leads to more questions

BYU has enforced randomized testing of students to try and control the spread from asymptomatic individuals. This has been met with praise, confusion and dislike by students.

BYU students speak out against ‘dystopian’ randomized testing

The authors of a petition signed by BYU students and employees claims randomized COVID-19 testing and the use of the Healthy Together app violate privacy and personal liberty.

Highlights from BYU colleges: Civil engineers win awards, graphic designer honored...

BYU civil engineering students and faculty won several awards from the 2020 Institute of Transportation Engineers Mountain District Conference.

Some BYU classes move online during COVID spike

Some individuals BYU professors are moving their in-person or blended class completely online or making other adaptions as COVID cases rise in Utah County.