Student safety at BYU? Some have worries about a variety of challenges

BYU has a reputation for being one of the safest campuses in the country. However, students speaking with The Universe mentioned different ways they feel unsafe on campus. 

Electric skateboard riders push for repeal of campus ban

University Police Lt. Jeff Long said all transportation except for bikes have been banned on campus for at least 30 years. Some students think that it's time for a change.

BYU Adaptive Show Choir to perform this weekend

BYU Adaptive Show Choir is a service-based program that started in Winter of 2018 where volunteers are paired one-on-one with individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities to learn music and choreography together in preparation for a concert at the end of the semester.

Campus Safety: Where sexual assault happens

This campus safety series started out by talking to young women about how they feel afraid walking home at night from the Heritage Halls overflow parking in fear they'll be sexually assaulted. But sexual assault rarely happens in those scenarios, in fact it often happens in places people are familiar with.

BYU student spreads awareness about her rare disorder

Marfan’s syndrome is a life-threatening condition that affects the body’s connective tissue, that only a few BYU students suffer from. 21-year-old Allegra Sturdevant is studying public relations and you would never know that she has a genetic condition which affects many aspects of her life.

BYU CAPS to offer stress management workshops

BYU's Counseling and Psychological services, better known as CAPS, is offering a series of stress management workshops for students.
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