BYU-Air Force partnership to further national security research

The U.S. Air Force signed an Educational Partnership Agreement with BYU on Sept. 20, allowing students and faculty to collaborate on mutually beneficial research projects.

Students learn more about campus resources for BYU Homecoming noonday activities

BYU students gathered in Brigham Square to play games, eat snacks and learn about campus resources for ongoing Homecoming celebrations.

BYU students, alumni participate in nationwide walkout to protest LGBTQ+ discrimination

BYU students joined a national movement and walked out of their classes on Oct. 11 to protest the discrimination of LGBTQ+ students at institutions with religious exemptions from Title IX. 

BYU exercise scientists discover how to better personalize exercise

A BYU professor and graduate alumnus published a study in the National Library of Medicine on how to better personalize exercise, including finding better ways to judge the effectiveness of training.

BYU store discontinues automatically ordering textbooks for freshmen

BYU store discontinued automatically fulfilling student book lists due to logistics, and students have mixed feelings about it.

Language immersion students reflect on the program’s recent name change

BYU's Language Immersion Student Residence recently changed its name, with the goal of clarifying the program's purpose and eliminating confusion. 
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