Highlights from BYU Colleges: Museum of Art exhibit shares scenes of Paris, students track South Pole icebergs

College of HumanitiesBYU student Savannah Taylor shared her experience visiting the BYU Museum of Art exhibit L'affichomania: The Passion for French Posters. She explains...

Lack of women’s health information can be countered with campus resources

A recent study from Ipsos North American shows that the majority of women lack knowledge surrounding their health. Resources on the BYU campus hope to educate women and create a safe space for them to ask questions and focus on their heath.

New year brings new resolutions for students

For many people, a new year means new resolutions and new goals. However, resolutions are not limited to these. Here are some of the goals BYU students have planned to accomplish.

BYU student finds healing through writing and publishing

BYU student Elisha Fernández finds healing through writing and publishing a book that helps others learn to love themselves.

The Ballard Center empowers BYU students to make positive impacts

The Ballard Center is making waves by providing BYU students with opportunities to create lasting social impacts with far-reaching effects. 

Students find community and healing through Mission Inclusivity Club

The BYU Mission Inclusivity Club aims to provide a community and safe space for those who experienced atypical missions.
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