Readers’ Forum: One date, now engaged?

It is Friday night. I finish curling my hair and put my shoes on, ready for the date. I’ve been looking forward to it all week, and I do not even know what he looks like.

Readers’ Forum: Filling our hearts with house plants, how reconnecting with nature can heal our trauma

This summer will mark two years since my family and I got sent to “Covid camps” in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Readers’ Forum: A quest for belonging

When I started at BYU I was eager to make friends and to find “my people.” I met kind people and made a few friends, but into my first semester, I still hadn’t found the kind of people that I was looking for. Instead, I felt alone and tired.

Reader’s Forum: Loving Means Listening

I don’t want to think about politics when I’m at church—or on a date, or hanging out with friends, or visiting family.

Readers’ Forum: A tribute to Her Royal Highness, Queen Elizabeth II, on her death

With great sadness, Buckingham palace today announced the death of Queen Elizabeth II, the longest-serving Monarch in British history and arguably one of the most influential women throughout time.

Readers’ Forum: No time to eat at the Cannon Center

Skipping meals is not good for our bodies. The effects are not always prominent, but eating at sporadic times can slow students down and leave them having a harder time focusing. This is not a good thing to struggle with while enrolled in college course. Because the Cannon Center hours are inconvenient, students often find themselves skipping meals, which is not healthy. If the hours were different, students would have the ability to eat three times a day and get more energy.
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