Readers’ Forum: Shining your light through genealogy

According to a recent study done by BYU, doing family history work promotes a healthy development of self-identity.

Readers’ Forum: Mastering procrastination, crafting brilliance from delay

Putting things off will lead to great ideas, help us ditch perfectionism, and keep stress levels in check. It’s time to see procrastination in a positive way.  

Readers’ Forum: Long-term effects of tanning beds

My dad lost the battle to skin cancer. Something so serious can happen because of something so small: tanning beds.

Readers’ Forum: Perusing Provo’s parking puzzle

Provo has long been infamous for its horrific parking situation.

Readers’ Forum: In defense of the combustion engine

As the world attempts to transition away from fossil fuels to cleaner forms of energy, one of the most popular changes is to electrify the car industry.

Readers’ Forum: The silent danger of silencing books

To secure a society where critical thinking and mutual respect flourish, we must remain vigilant against censorship, defending all works of literature.
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