Readers’ Forum: A tribute to Her Royal Highness, Queen Elizabeth II, on her death

With great sadness, Buckingham palace today announced the death of Queen Elizabeth II, the longest-serving Monarch in British history and arguably one of the most influential women throughout time.

Readers’ Forum: No time to eat at the Cannon Center

Skipping meals is not good for our bodies. The effects are not always prominent, but eating at sporadic times can slow students down and leave them having a harder time focusing. This is not a good thing to struggle with while enrolled in college course. Because the Cannon Center hours are inconvenient, students often find themselves skipping meals, which is not healthy. If the hours were different, students would have the ability to eat three times a day and get more energy.

Readers’ Forum: Does religion hurt or help?

Religion without personal spirituality is not true religion. True religion is more than just going to church, it includes personal spirituality.

Readers’ Forum: Executive action on student loan relief would be an abuse of power

Americans have found themselves worrying about their financial future during the COVID-19 pandemic. As jobs were put out, Americans were expediently sent stimulus checks by the federal government. Additionally, payments for mortgages and other loans were deferred.

Readers’ Forum: Why we should let guilt go

Even though clinging to guilt doesn't do us any good, we continue to dwell on our mistakes and beat ourselves up for a mistake we made days or even years prior. Why do we do this? I believe the reason we are reluctant to let our guilt go is because we are so focused on improving that we forget to move and make real changes.

Readers’ Forum: Pornography, the unstoppable plague ravaging society

Pornography can be dangerous to both users and those connected with users. Pornography use is linked to poor mental health and lower quality of life among adults as well as lower life satisfaction and self-esteem, and more symptoms of depression among adolescents. People tend to lose self-worth as they feel the need to hide and conceal their actions.
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