Readers’ Forum: A battle of land

As a girl, I loved climbing the rock wall in my backyard. It led to a stream where my siblings and I would play. We celebrated when one of us found a new way up the rocks to what we called "the stream."

Readers’ Forum: The problem with college readings

As students, we are thrust into this world of complex language with the assumption that we will eventually understand it.

Readers’ Forum: A digital eye of caution for artificial intelligence

As we tiptoe into the realm of artificial intelligence, we must tread cautiously, mindful of the potential pitfalls.

Readers’ Forum: The dangers of ignoring experts

In research, methods matter. Where is your information coming from?

Readers’ Forum: Becoming like Batman

There is a shortage of good examples in Hollywood and the media today. Batman is not one of them. Be like Batman.

Readers’ Forum: Comparison can kill

Social media puts off a false body ideal which can tamper with our self-confidence. 
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