Readers’ Forum: Why BYU should offer language certificates for American Sign Language

UVU offers opportunities for students to improve and receive recognition for their American Sign Language knowledge, and some argue BYU should do the same.

Readers’ Forum: The dated and flawed grooming policies at BYU

Ever since I was the age of three years old, I had longer hair than most men. I was called names and made fun of for it every single day, yet I decided to keep it. I loved my hair so much that it became part of my identity: I loved being the kid with long hair.

Readers’ Forum: Calling all businesses’ attention

Calling out businesses for their low-grade benefits and work environments can be beneficial for workers, as well as the economy in general. Companies must hold themselves to a higher standard to get people excited to work again. This is a team effort, but it all starts with people at the top. 

Readers’ Forum: Mothers in graduate studies

My husband and I have grown up in similar environments, but there is a choice he has never had to make. It is a choice that has kept me up at night, made me bitterly angry and nearly erased all hopes of achieving my dreams. The choice is this: parent or pupil?

Readers’ Forum: Masking our identities

If everyone on campus gets fully vaccinated, I believe that the administrators of BYU and authorities of the Church will feel more comfortable lifting the mask mandate. Once the mask mandate is lifted, we can finally enjoy each other’s company like we are supposed to.

Readers’ Forum: Limitations of BYU dating culture

As we continue our studies at BYU, let’s not let marriage goggles blind us to opportunities for solid friendships with people on campus, no matter their gender.
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