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Readers’ Forum: 1/21/20

Gun laws  Thirty seconds — a seemingly insignificant amount of time, but you’d be surprised what can happen in just a little bit of extra...

Readers’ Forum: 1/14/20

Heritage Halls cafeteria Everyone needs to eat, so why make it hard? Students living in Heritage Halls aren't properly represented when it comes to accessibility to...
Ryan Turner

Readers’ Forum: 12/3/19

Finding happiness From a young age, the idea of college had always been enticing to me; something about living on my own, making fun memories,...

Readers’ Forum: 11/26/19

Protecting our students Many love Utah winters, with the crisp air and beautiful snow-capped mountains. While the snow is beautiful to look at and use for...

Readers’ Forum: 11/19/19

BYU’s struggle with plastic waste management Plastic straws and utensils are plaguing the world as one-time-use products. They go directly to waste and are almost...

Readers’ Forum: 11/12/19

Restricted Access on Campus It was the first day of school, and students shuffled hastily into the classroom. I found myself engaged and actively participating...