Readers’ Forum: Reach out to your congressmen regarding global vaccination access, equity

Every 20 seconds a child dies of a vaccine-preventable disease. That’s three kids a minute; over 4,000 every single day; over one and a half million children every year. This is tragic, not only for the sheer number of children dying, but because these deaths are preventable.

Readers’ Forum: General education courses need to include more adulting skills

Let’s teach students life skills that will bless their lives now and in the future.

Readers’ Forum: Protecting academic integrity

In the dynamic landscape of digital education, the convergence of innovation and academia has brought forth advancements and challenges alike.

Readers’ Forum: Are beards so bad?

In his Aug. 28 speech titled “Quick to Observe,” President Reese said the “updated Dress and Grooming Principles and Standards … are grounded in core principles.” The question that we are left with, then, is “What is the core principle for banning beards?” 

Readers’ Forum: Finding President Wilford Woodruff

Long before George Washington became the great leader Americans are familiar with, he was just a young man, struggling to navigate a world that was challenging and perplexing. It is the same for all of us as we seek to find our way in this often mysterious world.

Readers’ Forum: A battle of land

As a girl, I loved climbing the rock wall in my backyard. It led to a stream where my siblings and I would play. We celebrated when one of us found a new way up the rocks to what we called "the stream."
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