Readers’ Forum: Testing the theory of love languages

Taking a love language quiz is fun, sure, but the world is a whole lot more complex. The first step to building stronger relationships might be recognizing that.

Readers’ Forum: Food allergies and their effect on mental health

While food allergies can be very hard for people physically, with them having fewer options and less nourishing food, they can also have large mental and psychological effects.

Readers’ Forum: Fueling athletic potential: advocating for creatine monohydrate’s practical benefits

In the world of sports and overall health, getting stronger can feel like climbing a tough hill.

Readers’ Forum: Open mindset changes social media

Downtime was turned into screen time. I found myself constantly on my phone and on social media. I became obsessed.

Readers’ Forum: How modern architecture is discouraging community

The modern look is taking over and destroying the character of a community.

Readers’ Forum: ‘I’ll see you in a year’

“Deployment”. The word of all feelings. Joy. Sadness. Gladness. Longing. Military deployments are extremely hard on my family but bring some of the greatest blessings.
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