The Daily Universe Magazine, February 2022

Attachment theory aids in relationship understanding, personal growth

Children develop attachment styles as they grow up which later translate into adult relationships. Understanding attachment theory has helped people grow in their relationships and within themselves.

Are religion and marriage connected?

In the rest of the country it is more common for people to get married in their late 20s and into their 30s but in Utah the average marriage age is 23. How much of an affect does religion have on the trends of marriage?

Provo temple reaches 50-year anniversary with plans for reconstruction

The Provo Temple was dedicated in two sessions on Feb. 9, 1972. The dedicatory sessions were broadcast via closed-circuit TV to the Marriott Center and other campus buildings.President Russell M. Nelson announced plans to reconstruct the temple in the October 2021 General Conference, estimated to begin in fall 2023 after the completion of the Orem Temple.