Scooter driver injured near BYU Duck Pond

A scooter driver collides with a car near the BYU duck pond on Thursday, March 14. (Dylan Eubank)

An auto accident occurred near BYU campus, at 800 North between the Duck Pond and Lot 33, on Thursday, March 14. A scooter driver was injured and taken to the hospital.

A BYU student driving a Nissan pulled out of Lot 33 and was T-boned by the scooter driver. While the Nissan driver seemed to be okay, the scooter driver was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance. 

Emily Song, a BYU student who witnessed the accident, said, “I was just driving down this road in that direction (east), probably going like 25 (mph), and I saw the girl on the scooter behind me and she passed me. As she did so, the Nissan pulled out to make a left turn. I don’t think she saw the motorcycle at all.”

The 200i Kymco scooter scattered glass, feathers from blankets and debris across the road after colliding with the Nissan.

A Kymco scooter collides with a car near the BYU duck pond and scattered debris from the crash. (Dylan Eubank)

According to Song, the scooter driver never fell off the vehicle.

“She kind of stayed in her seat and fell to the side. And I went over to her and made sure she was conscious and breathing. I tried to stabilize her spine and then some other people came over,” Song said.

Song also said the Kymco driver was “bleeding on the chin” and it was the “only blood (she) saw.”

Both BYU and Provo Police were on the scene directing traffic and sweeping the debris. When asked about the girl on the scooter, an officer confirmed the scooter driver was at the hospital.

“I’m doing OK. I’m hoping that she’s all right too,” the Nissan driver said, still in shock.

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