BYU Presidential Candidate election rally


The BYU Student Service Association is anticipating its upcoming election for its new president and vice president. 

It held its annual election rally for the five candidate pairs where they could connect with students and share their visions for BYU. 

Each BYUSA presidential and vice presidential candidate pair decked their room with something different as a reflection of who they were and what they had to offer. 

“Our campaign theme is ‘true to the blue’ because we love BYU; because we want to reignite that school pride in students. We want to unify students through what we all love,” BYUSA presidential candidate Julianna Roberts said. 

Another candidate pair, Ben Cochran and Zac Napierski, said their vision for BYU is to help people feel more connected to what is happening on campus and also to celebrate BYU’s diversity. 

“We’re really passionate about helping students make lasting connections. And tonight at rally night has been a great way to hopefully come and join in on the fun,” Cochran said. 

The passion of these candidates extends across the different campaigns. Another candidate, Sarah Sun, said her motivation stems from her love for the students and for what BYU stands for. She and vice president candidate Tala Alnasser are both passionate about building bridges and creating unity at BYU. 

“We know that there are ways to overcome the impossible, to overcome barriers so that this university can become everything it was destined to be,” Sun said. 

But this would not be possible without student volunteers who showed up for these candidates in helping their visions come to life. 

Grace Scofield is one of those volunteers. She said it has been a wonderful experience. 

“It’s just been a lot of reaching out to people and letting them know what Benson and Sam are all about,” Scoffield said. 

She said this involvement in the election is an opportunity for her and other students to make their voices heard. 

This year’s voting day will be held online on Thursday, Feb. 29 from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Students can go to for more information about the candidates and how to vote.

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