BYU students gear up for BYUSA elections


On Feb. 29, BYU students will choose a new student body president and vice president.

There are five candidate pairs running this year. Angela Blomquist, the BYUSA director, invited students to engage actively in the election process, emphasizing the importance of representation.

“We want you to be represented in the way that you feel is best … so I’m hoping everybody will vote,” Blomquist said.

The presidential and vice-presidential candidates, along with their campaign mottos, are as follows:

Across the board, the candidates’ campaigns share overarching themes centered on celebrating BYU’s uniqueness, fostering a greater sense of belonging and enhancing individual experiences on campus.

But a compelling campaign alone isn’t enough to secure votes, Blomquist said. She emphasized candidates must know the student body and must understand what resonates with the students if they want to get their message across.

Fritz-Carl Morlant, the current BYUSA president, shed light on the qualities of an exceptional candidate. 

“Any candidate that embodies the principles of BYUSA of serving other students … is a great candidate,” Morlant said.

The BYUSA voting process employs a ranking system where students rank the candidates from favorite to least favorite. The majority vote in the ranking will determine the next BYUSA president and vice president.

As the excitement builds on campus, students are reminded the online election will take place from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Thursday, Feb. 29.

With the stage set for a dynamic election, BYU students prepare to make their voices heard and shape the future of their university.

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