Big performances, big announcements: Unforum 2024

Cosmo performs an inverse dunk. Several campus groups performed at Unforum on Tuesday, April 16. (Jonas Wright)

At BYU’s Annual Unforum on Tuesday, April 16, students watched performances and heard from President C. Shane Reese, who announced the official hire of BYU’s new men’s basketball head coach.

President Reese speaks at Unforum. Here he announced the BYU Basketball head coach. (Jonas Wright)

“Since you showed up here at the Unforum, I thought I would share for the first time publicly that we have, today, announced a new coach for the BYU men’s basketball team,” Reese said.

Kevin Young is joining BYU from the Phoenix Suns, and is currently the highest paid assistant coach in the NBA. He has been highly sought after this season and Reese said he is thrilled to have him join the Cougars.

Reese also mentioned his spirituality.

“I need to tell you that we have appointed an amazing family man, a humble follower of our Savior Jesus Christ, and an absolutely brilliant basketball mind … as our new basketball coach here at BYU,” he said.

International Folk Dance Ensemble performs. Photo taken at Unforum. (Jonas Wright)

Reminding students of the spiritual aspect of BYU, he shared BYU’s mission to kick off Unforum: “A BYU education should be spiritually strengthening, intellectually enlarging, character building and it should lead to a life full of learning and service.”

Rhythm ‘N’ Soul Collective performs at Unforum. This was its first year at BYU. (Jonas Wright)

Throughout the hour, students watched performances from various groups across campus. These included, but were not limited to, the BYU Dunk Team, Rhythm ‘N’ Soul Collective, Vocal Point, the winners of this year’s Battle of the Bands and the International Folk Dance Ensemble.

Multiple students, faculty and staff members were recognized as winners of this year’s Brigham Awards. According to the awards website, “the Brigham Awards is an annual award for distinguished outstanding service.”

Brigham Awards winners were announced. They were asked to stand in the crowd. (Jonas Wright)

Student Body President Fritz Morlant said he was excited to celebrate this past year.

In his closing remarks, President Reese said at BYU, it starts and ends with the students.

“I need you to know that I’ve seen in each one of you the ability to shine a light. Sometimes you don’t even see that yourself,” he said. “Take it from your president. You have a world to offer, you have a life that is unique, and we pray that you’ll continue to shine that light and brightness to the world.”

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