Addie Blacker

Extra caution, layers can keep students safe in winter weather

Students who are unfamiliar with winter weather can follow tips like driving slowly, planning for extra travel time and having the right tools.
Preston Crawley

Utah Legislature considers bill directed at BYU police

The Utah Legislature is considering a bill that establishes regulations and authority given to law enforcement agencies in private schools. According to the sponsor of SB191, Sen. Curtis Bramble, R-Provo, the bill applies directly to BYU as the only private institution in Utah with a police agency.

Highlights from BYU colleges: Virtual show unites choirs, new class teaches...

Marriott School of Business A new strategy class at the Brigham Young University Marriott School of...
Artem Podrez

BYU Honors Program will host lecture on avoiding white saviorism

The BYU Honors Program will host a chocolate chat focused on avoiding white saviorism on Feb. 19.

BYU Operation Outbreak hosts virtual disease simulation

BYU researchers will be hosting a campus-wide virtual outbreak of a disease similar to COVID-19 using phones as the "virus" distributers starting Friday, Feb. 19.
Hannah Miner

BYU Women’s Services and Resources kicks off Eating Disorder Awareness Week

BYU Women’s Services and Resources kicked off its annual Eating Disorder Awareness Week on Feb. 16. The week is scheduled with events that help students combat disordered behavior with food and body image. These involve speakers focused on eating disorder recovery and even yoga.