Utah News

Good weather, careful campers could prevent more wildfires

Local authorities suggest that a mix of good weather and residents doing their part will be key to this season's fire prevention after the Alaska Fire burned 489 acres just southeast of Provo this summer.

Alleged online opioid drug kingpin to stand trial in Utah

As America's opioid crisis spiraled into a fentanyl epidemic, prosecutors say one young Utah man made himself a drug kingpin by creating counterfeit prescription painkillers laced with the deadly drug and mailing them to homes across the United States.

From Fun to Fear: Fireworks Safety

Provo firefighters stay up every until about three in the morning every Fourth of July in anticipation of the next call. Fire Marshal Lynn Schofield offered advice on dealing with fireworks around this year's Fourth of July and Pioneer Day celebrations.

HB136 and the anti-abortion push in Utah

2019 has been a heyday for anti-abortion organizations across the US, and with the passing of Utah House Bill 136 amidst numerous states’ anti-abortion laws, many Utahns are evaluating their stance on abortion.

Church plans demolition of 5 Provo MTC buildings

The Church plans on demolishing five buildings of the Provo Missionary Training Center complex and replacing them with open spaces and study areas.

Resolution urges teamwork in Bear Lake upkeep

Utah and Idaho share Bear Lake. This legislative session, Utah legislators are trying to pass a resolution that recognizes Utah's commitment to work hand-in-hand with Idaho to keep the lake healthy and beautiful.