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Harriet Norcross

HB144: Bill would create online training to prevent sex trafficking

A bill proposed in the Utah Legislature would create a human trafficking education program and require sexually oriented business employees to participate in the program.

HB64: Bill would revise grandparents’ visitation rights of children

HB64 amends provisions related to custody and visitation rights of an individual other than a parent. This bill, sponsored by Rep. Kyle R. Andersen, R-Weber, addresses the Utah Supreme Court’s decision in Jones v. Jones by amending the factors that a court considers in granting visitation rights to grandparents.
Emily Andersen

Data can predict risk for high medical costs according to new...

Sudden illness or accidents can leave the unexpected in thousands of dollars in debt—and BYU actuarial science professor and student have found a way to identify those at risk for high medical costs before tragedy hits.

SB70: Provo senator’s bill would allow nurses to pronounce a person...

SB70 provides the opportunity for a nurse to be able to pronounce death under certain circumstances. The bill proposed by Sen. Keith Grover, R-Utah, would make it so that the physicians are still certifying that death within 24 hours after having been pronounced, but a nurse would be able to make that determination as well as time of death.

HB 18: Regulations proposed for growing hemp harvested from cannabis plant

An Orem lawmaker wants to tighten regulations on growers of hemp, a fiber extracted from the cannabis plant, but also can be...

SB 22: Committee passes bill to fund office on American Indian-Alaska...

A bill directed at funding an office on American Indian-Alaska Native health passed unanimously through the Utah Senate's Economic Development and...