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Prop 9 could change form of Utah County government

Prop 9 proposes a mayor-council form of government for Utah County.

Utah man describes 6-minute cougar encounter at Slate Canyon

Orem native Kyle Burgess was nearing the end of his 10-mile run at Slate Canyon in south Provo Saturday evening when he encountered a protective mother mountain lion.

Utah congressman takes action to stop future nuclear weapons testing in...

In April 1952, a huge puff of smoke, known as the mushroom top, came out of a nuclear test explosion in Nevada.
Greg Nash, AP

Utah senators share opinions on Trump’s Supreme Court nominee

Utah's Senators have both released statements regarding Amy Coney Barrett, the conservative Catholic woman the President nominated to be the Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court.

Relief Society played essential role in fight for women’s suffrage

The Relief Society was heavily involved in the promotion of women’s suffrage both in Utah and nationwide, and continued to engage in activist work until the end of the 1920s.

Utah newsrooms protect freedom of the press during pandemic

Utah news organizations are fighting to maintain the freedom of the press, and they're fighting from remote newsrooms.