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Miranda Lynbone

Local Utah artists look to leave a mark on the music...

Some of those who look on from the outside view Utah as a state nestled quietly in the Western U.S. known for its Latter-day Saint population and conservative politics. However, the state continues to turn out talented and high profile musicians that impact the music industry on a major scale, with some coming out of the Utah Valley college scene.

Social media helps local musicians reach new heights

It can be difficult for the average consumer to sift through the talent that Utah has to offer its residents. Some may feel the music scene is bursting at the seams. It is important for artists in the digital age to develop a brand and market themselves if they want recognition at even a local level.

Lawmakers consider safe prescription drug disposal legislation

Utah lawmakers propose legislation to promote safe prescription drug disposal containers, in hopes to reduce opioid overdoses, lower addictions, and protect the environment.

Proposed housing development has Edgemont residents concerned

Some Edgemont residents are concerned with a proposed development they say threatens environmental green space. But the developer,...

Utah State School Board proposes putting teaching coaches in schools

An $18 million proposal to put teaching coaches in schools is before a Utah legislative committee. Representatives of the Utah State Board of Education met with the Education Interim Committee on Oct. 16 to discuss ways to improve early childhood education in preschool through third grade.

Provo Halloween Carnival provides spooky fun for all ages

About 2,600 Provo residents filled the Provo Recreation Center for the city's annual Halloween carnival on Saturday, Oct. 26.