US House Speaker Pelosi arrives in Taiwan, defying Beijing

TAIPEI, Taiwan (AP) — U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi arrived in Taiwan on Tuesday night despite threats from Beijing of serious consequences, becoming the highest-ranking American official in 25 years to visit the self-ruled island claimed by China.

New studies bolster theory coronavirus emerged from the wild

Two new studies provide more evidence that the coronavirus pandemic originated in a Wuhan, China market where live animals were sold – further bolstering the theory that the virus emerged in the wild rather than escaping from a Chinese lab.

UK breaks record for highest temperature as Europe sizzles

LONDON (AP) — Britain shattered its record for highest temperature ever registered Tuesday amid a heat wave that has seared swaths of Europe — and the national weather forecaster predicted it would get hotter still in a country ill prepared for such extremes.

One scandal too many: British PM Boris Johnson resigns

LONDON (AP) — Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced his resignation Thursday amid a mass revolt by top members of his government, marking an end to three tumultuous years in power in which he brazenly bent and sometimes broke the rules of British politics.

BYU students and faculty face travel complications on study abroad trips in Europe

BYU students and faculty studying abroad in Europe are experiencing long wait lines, canceled flights, delays and travel detours caused by labor shortages, strikes and a resurgence in travel after two years of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dissolving Fear: A remedy for anti-immigration rhetoric

Immigration is more than just an issue to be debated and used as leverage in political campaigns. However, since almost the inception of the United States of America to present day, anti-immigration misinformation and sentiment has poisoned the rhetoric surrounding the flow of immigration to the U.S.
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