Readers’ Forum: The university’s mental health crisis

Because of all of the stressors that affect college students’ day-to-day life, it’s no wonder that so many struggle with mental health issues.

Readers’ Forum: Tired and devastated, but not without hope

I am tired and devastated at the tragic loss of so many happy and hopeful lives.

Readers’ Forum: Taking medical advice from America’s greatest pill pushers, the FDA

What would happen if what we were always told is best for us, actually wasn’t?

Readers’ Forum: The confines of the Cougareat

There’s a glow coming from the Cougareat and your feet advance toward the haze with the crowd, as if you have no choice to...

Readers’ Forum: Feminism should be about everyone

The modern face of feminism at BYU and globally should not just be women and feminine men but everyone.

Readers’ Forum: The vending machine tragedy

If there is Dr. Pepper in a few stores on campus, there should be no reason why we can’t have it in vending machines. 
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