Opinion: Just make a choice

We’re not going against God’s plan when we make a decision that we’re not sure about. Sometimes the “right” decision is to just make a decision. God loves effort. To move along in the plan He has for each of us, we can’t sit still and wait, we just need to make a choice.

Tweet Beat 9/28/21

It's midterm season. Why am I crying in the testing center?

Opinion: We are too desensitized to talking about crime

True crime. The dissection and informational genre has become one of the most popular subjects of entertainment. From podcasts to documentaries to entire television channels dedicated to discussing crime, there is a huge market of people ready to consume content.

Tweet Beat 9/21/21

Wake me up when September ends.

Opinion: Cats don’t deserve all the bad rap

Cats don’t deserve the bad rap they get and more people should give them a chance. You’ll be happy you did.

Tweet Beat 9/14/21

Well, BYU finally beat Utah. Now what?
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