Tweet Beat: 8/30/21

Opinion: Toxic perfectionism — take that break

Some students at BYU experience perfectionism and find it difficult to feel a sense of accomplishment unless they do everything perfectly.What people fail to realize is that God doesn't love His children because they're already perfect, but He loves His children because they are imperfect. He loves His children for their efforts in becoming better people, and He definitely does not expect all of His children to become perfect overnight.

Tweet Beat 8/23/21

It's been a fun summer of work, and now I get to go back to school. Yay.

Opinion: The ‘I don’t see color’ mentality doesn’t belong in Christ’s culture

The "I don't see color" or "colorblind" mentality does not and can not progress inclusivity and diversity. This mindset allows people to ignore the complexities of racial issues and minimize the struggle people of color go through because of their skin.

Tweet Beat 8/16/21

This week is the best week of the whole year; no school and experiencing being homeless for a week.

Opinion: “The greatest remedy for anger is delay”

Anger is corrosive, and only divides. But anger doesn’t have to control us; we can control our anger. Control is found in pausing ourselves in the heat of anger, removing ourselves from the angering situation and evaluating what primary emotions we are experiencing.
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