Opinion: Let’s stop idolizing influencers

Until the rise of influencers and social media, celebrities seemed out of reach, unattainable and different from the average person. However, social media has made these people seem more relatable, attainable and something to strive for.

Readers’ Forum: Does religion hurt or help?

Religion without personal spirituality is not true religion. True religion is more than just going to church, it includes personal spirituality.

Opinion: Respectful conversations can help combat polarizing politics

have seen someone express a political opinion on their Instagram story. Maybe it was a statistic about the overturn of Roe v Wade. Perhaps it was a shocking quote from a politician about gun control. Or it could have been a post about a Church leader's position on LGBTQ rights.

Opinion: American patriotism through the eyes of a noncitizen

I didn't really know how strongly some Americans feel they are God's gift to humanity until I had attended a few of my American Heritage classes at BYU during my freshman year.

Opinion: The Star Wars prequels are the best trilogy in the series

I stand by the the fact that the prequels are the best episodes of "Star Wars," and here's why.

Opinion: We are all more than the way we look

Well-meaning friends and family commented constantly on the weight loss, telling me how good I looked and how hard I must have worked to achieve it. Little did they know, it was one of the loneliest and most stressful periods of my life.
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