What to expect for the Cougars on Selection Sunday

The Cougars are a lock for an at-large bid in the NCAA Tournament. Therefore, there will be no worries for BYU on Selection Sunday; the focus will be on their opponent, game time, location, and seed.

What seed will BYU be?

Currently, top bracketologists project the Cougars as a No. 5 seed in this year’s NCAA Tournament, which means they will face a No. 12 seed.

Since the NCAA Tournament’s expansion in 1985, 12-seeds upsetting No. 5 seeds are the most popular upset. BYU fans should not underestimate BYU’s opponent, despite the apparent seed disparity.

When will BYU play?

The Cougars are guaranteed to play on Thursday, March 21. Make sure you submit your PTO request or plan on being “sick” this Thursday. Due to the university’s policy of not playing on Sunday, BYU will play on Thursday instead of Friday. A victory in their first-round game means their next game will be on Saturday, while teams playing their first game on Friday will compete again on Sunday.

Where will BYU play?

Obviously a lot of hope for Salt Lake City, but there’s only a 33% chance the Cougars will play their first-round game at the Delta Center. There are four tournament sites hosting games on Thursday: Charlotte, Pittsburgh, Omaha, and Salt Lake City.

Why does BYU have a 33% chance of playing in Salt Lake City?

In the NCAA Tournament, No. 1 seeds select their preferred playing locations first, followed by No. 2 seeds. After these selections, the remaining teams do not receive preference and are assigned locations by the NCAA selection committee.

With top seeds Tennessee and North Carolina likely choosing Charlotte for geographical convenience, it leaves limited options for a No. 5 seed like BYU.

This situation leaves Pittsburgh, Omaha, and Salt Lake City as potential sites, explaining BYU’s 33% chance of playing at the Delta Center.

BYU is at mercy of the NCAA selection committee who ultimately determines the Cougars’ destination, and the announcement will be made at 4 p.m. MDT on Sunday on CBS.

What session could BYU play in if in Salt Lake City?

The scheduling is entirely random. Game times could range from as early as noon to as late as 9:30 pm. For those planning to buy tickets, it’s safest to wait until the bracket is released on Sunday.

As a fan, what should I do?

The key takeaway from this article is the importance of taking time off for the first two days of March Madness. These two days are the best days on the Gregorian calendar, and no one should be working or attending school. Whether you plan on going to the games or watching on TV, go ahead and take the day off.

To help you with your quest, I have included an excuse note for those in need.

Enjoy and happy March Madness, ladies and gentlemen!

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