Police Beat: March 4-10



Citizen Contact

March 4 — An officer responded to a report of a vehicle burglary in Lot 19. The complainant reported their car being burglarized while they were at a basketball game. The officer discovered the complainant was in the wrong vehicle and escorted them to the correct vehicle.

Flood Alarm

March 4 — A flood alarm was set off in the Grant Building. Officers discovered it was set off by restoration contractors while they were pressure washing the basement floors.


March 4 — An officer called a complainant about their lost BYU ID card. The complainant believed the card was being used to purchase food illegally on campus.

Hand Pull Alarm

March 4 — Officers were dispatched to Budge Hall when the fire alarm on the second floor was pulled. The officers found no evidence of fire or smoke. A witness stated they heard individuals encouraging another individual to pull the alarm before it went off.


March 4 — A delayed theft was reported from BYU Cougar Tech. A suspect purchased a MacBook Pro over the phone using a credit card on January 12, saying they were out of state and would send someone to pick it up. The following day, the MacBook was picked up. BYU Bookstore was then notified by the credit card company that the card had been stolen.

March 4 — A theft from the BYU Store that occurred on Feb. 9 was reported. An individual purchased a MacBook Pro and returned it for a refund the following day. The BYU Store later resold the computer. The new purchaser discovered the new MacBook Pro had been switched for an old computer, and the serial numbers did not match. An officer contacted the reporting party, identified the suspect and is conducting a follow-up on the case.

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