Police Beat: Feb. 5-11



Citizen Contact

Feb. 5 — An officer spoke with a lab’s teaching assistant on campus. A student in the lab told the TA in frustration that if they (the student) had an AR-15, the lab would be shut down for a month. The TA reported the incident to BYU Police. The student was asked to complete a risk assessment. After the assessment, the student made arrangements to give their firearms to a family member.

Fire Investigation

Feb. 5 — Provo Fire and an officer responded to a report of a dumpster fire at Wymount Terrace. Upon arrival, the dumpster was not on fire but smoking. Officials extinguished the smoking item.

Hit and Run Accident

Feb. 6 — A hit and run was reported in Lot 39. The reporting party believed their vehicle was damaged in the lot, but no note or other information was left.


Feb. 5 — An individual reported hearing a whistle and shouting outside their apartment. An officer spoke to several individuals who were seen on campus, but did not discover the cause of the whistling.

Feb. 7 — A suspicious individual was reported inside the LDS Philanthropies Building. The individual left the premises before an officer could find them.

Feb. 7 — A complaint was made against two individuals in a truck who were shining a light into other vehicles parked at the Y trailhead. An officer advised the two to stop using their lights in this manner.


Feb. 5 — Keys were reported stolen from an office inside the Wilkinson Student Center. A suspicious individual was seen near the office, but the reporting party was unsure if the missing keys and the individual were related.

Feb. 8 — A stolen purse was reported from the Tanner Building. A suspect was seen on the security cameras. Campus police are working to identify the suspect.


Feb. 5 — Trespassing was reported from the soccer fields north of the Student Athlete Building. An officer found about 80 individuals playing soccer. They left the field without incident.

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