Utah’s El Niño winter could mean warmer temps

After three consecutive winters of La Niña, the winter forecast this year reveals a different outlook this season, an El Nińo, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Thousands come to Richfield for annular solar eclipse

More than 300,000 visitors were expected to flock to central Utah this past weekend for the annular solar eclipse.

Barbie Land comes to life in Daybreak

One street in Daybreak just got a major Halloween makeover, creating a Barbie Land in the Mountain West.

Annular ‘ring of fire’ eclipse will grace Utah skies this weekend

On Saturday, Oct. 14, an annular solar eclipse will grace Utah skies. The full eclipse will be visible from the many state parks in central and southern Utah located in the eclipse zone.

The race to replace Romney and young adult involvement

Since Sen. Romney addressed Utah on Sept. 13, several candidates announced official campaigns for U.S. Senate, causing young adults to evaluate how they distinguish same-party candidates.

Annual Utah State Fair returns for 11-day event

Thousands of Utahns visited the Utah State Fair in West Salt Lake on Friday, Sept. 15.
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