Discovering purpose through doing what you love

Through changes in his own life, Jaylyn Turner has discovered that you can find your purpose through doing what you love, which doesn’t always happen on the first try. (Karmen Kodia)

CLEVELAND, Ohio — Jaylyn Turner, a college student in his early 20s, has noticed that he and many of his peers have questions about their purpose in life. At such a formative time, when many decisions are being made, many young people find themselves pursuing post-secondary degrees, and they have many goals and aspirations that they are trying to reach.

Jaylyn first began his university studies in Nashville, Tenn. He started off as an engineering major because he has always loved the sciences. But he also loves public speaking, which ultimately inspired him to change paths and major in political science at Cleveland State University.

When Jaylyn has questions or concerns he often turns to his parents for help. He admits that sometimes he doesn’t want to listen to their answers and advice because they are older and may seem “out of touch.” However, Jaylyn recognizes that his parents have gone through trials and tribulations of their own, and they have so much experience they can draw from to help him today.

Relying on the answers and experiences of others is important, but Jaylyn has learned that he needs to have his own experiences that he can learn from.

One such experience was when Jaylyn decided to switch majors to political science, he found something that he really loved, and that helps him feel like he’s found his purpose.

“When you find yourself going to a place that you call work and it doesn’t feel like working, and you’re doing what you love to do … you’ll know it (your purpose).”

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