Band shares how to spread Christ’s light in Education Week session

From Left: Hales, Musgrave and Bastian sing one of the songs from their very first album, “Meant to Be.” This trio has been sharing their talent and joy with the world for more than 40 years. (Leah Darby)

Heartbound, a Utah-based inspirational music trio, performed at a session of Education Week on Thursday, Aug. 24.

In their session titled “The Power to be Happy Now,” Heartbound shared their music and words of wisdom.

Lori Hales, Debbie Bastian and Me’Chel Musgrave formed this musical trio more than 40 years ago, Musgrave said. According to their website, these women formed the band so they could reach out “with music to speak to the soul, give hope to the heart and spread joy for the journey.”

Mary Gleason, a session participant, has been a fan of this band for many years now.

Gleason began following the band when she heard them sing during Mothers’ Weekend at BYU-Idaho. According to Musgrave, when Mothers’ Weekend was discontinued, Heartbound started presenting at Education Week.

Heartbound invites session participants to “simply focus on the things that bring you the greatest joy” at the start of their Education Week presentation. Heartbound is a musical group focused on sharing the love of Christ. (Leah Darby)

Before the start of their session, an invitation on the screen read, “This hour we invite you to simply focus on the things that bring you the greatest joy.”

Heartbound shared a video clip of a man on a subway laughing at something on his phone. As he continued to laugh loudly, despite being in a public space, others soon joined in on his joy. As those in the video began smiling and laughing, session participants also began to smile and laugh.

“Laughter is contagious, and so is happiness,” Hales said at the close of the video.

This trio sang many of their popular songs in the session, as well as a few songs from their first album — which Hales said they had never sung before at Education Week. Audience members were encouraged to sing along.

Toward the end of the session, Bastian shared a message. She said that one day someone dear to her decided to leave the Church, and she was blown away. After this experience, Bastian said the entire band “wanted to do something to encourage us all to stay in His light.”

“If we stay in His light we are reassured that we will have His power,” Bastian said.

She talked about the troubles and hardships that everyone experiences but expressed her hope their songs would encourage all who may be struggling with their testimonies.

“Life may not be easy, and our challenges may not go away, but we can be assured He will be with us, and His spirit can guide us and lead us,” Bastian said.

Heartbound emphasized throughout their entire presentation that there are many ways Christ’s love and light can be shared with others.

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