Separating art from the artist: BYU students weigh in on celebrity cancellations, reconsider support

Celebrities being branded as "canceled" has become common in recent years, but how this label affects their careers can be unpredictable.

BYU alumnus uses love of folk music to build a better world

BYU alumnus and world-class folk musician Nate Keller has made a name for himself in the world of music.

Provo band Lazy Loners discusses collaboration, future goals

Lazy Loners, an indie soft-rock band from Provo, is breaking into the local music scene with their authentic approach to recording and playing songs.

BYU ends Black History Month celebrations with Bossa Nova Concert

The Harold B. Lee Library celebrated Black History Month throughout February with a concert series on Wednesday afternoons.

BYU senior opens private vocal studio

Amelia White, a senior in the music education program, recently opened her own private vocal studio.

Senate holds hearing for ‘Bad Blood’ over Ticketmaster Taylor Swift ticket failure

Ticketmaster was questioned by the Senate committee over failure with ticket sales to Taylor Swift's upcoming tour.
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