‘When you move in faith, all things are possible’ — Kanye West ‘jeen-yuhs’ documentary debuts at Sundance

The first episode of "jeen-yuhs: A Kanye West Trilogy," entitled, "Vision," premiered at Sundance Film Festival on Sunday, giving viewers a glimpse of what the producers called a "faith-based documentary."

Music education students take fourth-highest course load

Music education students take the fourth-highest courses load at BYU with 93 credit hours and graduating with expertise in both music and teaching.

Velour Battle of the Bands winners express excitement, hope for future

The indie-rock band Cardinal Bloom won the Velour Battle of the Bands in December 2021, marking a milestone for the four members.

BYU student songwriter helps listeners connect

BYU student Mak Harris loves to embody connection and relatability through songwriting, her preferred of choice of art medium.

How early is too early for Christmas music?

The first snow has fallen on the mountains, temperatures are dipping below 50 degrees and sweater weather is in full force. So is it now the perfect time to start listening to Christmas music? Students at BYU have different opinions on exactly when it's appropriate to start playing Michael Bublé's Christmas album on repeat.

Upcoming BYU Fiesta highlights Latin American students, cultures

BYU students have worked for months in preparation for Fiesta, a celebration of Latin American cultures that will include a variety of performances.
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