BYU senior opens private vocal studio

Amelia White, a senior in the music education program, recently opened her own private vocal studio.

Senate holds hearing for ‘Bad Blood’ over Ticketmaster Taylor Swift ticket failure

Ticketmaster was questioned by the Senate committee over failure with ticket sales to Taylor Swift's upcoming tour.

BYU’s annual Public Domain Film and Music Festival returns

BYU students gathered at the Varsity Theatre to choose from new public domain works from 1927 to create their own adaptations in the Public Domain Film and Music Festival on Jan. 20.

‘Squid Game’, Korean pop culture on the rise in America

Korean pop culture has globalized and made an immense impact on American society.

BYU Young Ambassador shares God’s light through music

BYU Young Ambassadors performer Sarah Sun is hoping to share her love for music and faith in Christ through her musical talents.

Provo dance group, Golden Hour, builds community through K-pop

What started in 2020 as a few K-pop fans in search of an escape from the isolation of quarantine has become a community of more than 40 friends who make their own dance videos and perform at local events.
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