BYU’s Battle of the Bands makes comeback after 10 years


BYUSA hosted its very own Battle of the Bands on campus on March 9, an event they revived after a 10 year hiatus. Music lovers and performers alike came together to watch the bands perform and vote on their favorites.

BYUSA transformed the Wilkinson Center into a concert venue for the event. Eleven bands performed two songs each, and the bands typically played one popular song and one original song they had written.

Hundreds of BYU students cheered and danced, causing the floor in the ballroom to shake under their feet.

Once all the bands got a chance to perform, everyone got out their phones and used a QR code posted on the screens to vote for their top three favorite bands of the night.

BYU student Moses Huish felt the best band of the night was Hardly Know Her, a band made up of all women.

“Obviously they were amazing, they were perfect, and they were just the best,” Huish said.

In third place was the band Recently Decent, second place was the band Viridian, and first place was the all-women band “Hardly Know Her.”

One of the lead singers of “Hardly Know Her,” Sabrina Fair, said she and her bandmates were thrilled to hear they won.

“We just had a good time. I mean, yeah, we just wanted to have fun, and we did that. And so it’s fun to hear that the audience also had a good time. Happy Women’s Month!” Fair said.

Fair said this was the band’s second show together, and they had only been practicing their set for two weeks before the show.

“Go BYU … Keep having this event, like, give artists a chance to play music. Go local music!” Fair said.

To keep up with more BYUSA events and the next Battle of the Bands, visit their website or Instagram

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