Education Week includes ‘The Redeemer’ as evening musical performance

Jenny Oaks Baker poses with her violin. Baker will be performing in the “The Redeemer” musical production which expands on Baker’s 2022 musical album of the same name. (Photo courtesy of Jenny Oaks Baker)

In addition to instructional classes during Education Week there will also be evening performances for those attending the conference.

Participants can attend the multi-media concert “The Redeemer” at the Marriott Center on Aug. 23-24 at 7:30 p.m. Education Week also advertises local evening productions of “Singin’ in the Rain” and “Dancing under the Stars,” held at the SCERA Shell Outdoor Theater in Orem.

“The Redeemer” concert, composed and arranged by Emmy award winner Kurt Bestor and performed by Grammy nominated violinist Jenny Oaks Baker, depicts the life and ministry of Jesus Christ through music, video and narration.

Accompanying Baker’s performance are soprano singer Lexi Walker, bassist Preston Yates and celloist Sarah Noelle Baker. The Timpanogos Symphony Orchestra and the Intermountain Choral Artists will also provide music for the night.

“The Redeemer” musical has toured across the U.S., including performances at Temple Square. Locations for “The Redeemer” will expand next year to the Lincoln Center in New York and Strathmore Hall outside Washington D.C.

The production began as a collection of songs from Baker’s May 2022 album of the same name. The album was then adapted to an onstage production with Kurt Bestor.

A poster for “The Redeemer” musical performance appears on the BYU Education Week website. BYU will host “The Redeemer” performance at the Marriott Center on Wednesday and Thursday Aug. 23-24. (BYU Education Week)

Baker reflected on the impact “The Redeemer” production has had on her.

“‘The Redeemer’ is the most spiritually impactful musical production I have ever been a part of,” Baker said. “‘The Redeemer’ began as a ten song album built around episodes from the Savior’s life, for violin, orchestra and choir.”

Baker explained that the addition of vocal soloists, a live narrator, an increased choir and other inclusions came from inspiration.

“The result is a really powerful multi-media event that is deeply touching and spiritually impactful. My goal is to bring this powerful production to communities throughout the U.S. and the world in order to unify Christians and bring people closer to Christ,” Baker said.

Garry and Sherri True, from Sandy, are one of the many couples attending classes at BYU’s Education Week. Garry True believes the musical performances are an added draw for participants spending time in Provo.

“I think for the people especially coming out of town, having BYU or guest artists come in, that will enhance their experience for education week,” Gary True said.

Garry True also appreciated the increased variety of activities provided during the conference.

“They seem to have put more performances in the evenings, so this is the first time we’ve had a larger variety of choices to make in the things we can do. They’re reasonably priced … and you get that experience,” Garry True said.

The list of artists collaborating on “The Redeemer” drew in Sherri True’s attention.

“The Redeemer” is what caught my eye. I love Kurt Bestor, so I would love to be able to listen to that performance,” Sherri True said.

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