Hogwarts Feast hosted by BYU Skyroom


BYU transported students into a world of magic and wonder as the Skyroom Restaurant rolled out the red carpet for a Hogwarts Banquet. 

Harry Potter fans of all ages gathered to feast on the world of Harry Potter with a Hogwarts-inspired Skyroom menu. They played games and trivia and watched Harry Potter movie clips.

“In October we did a different, like, Harry Potter Halloween kind of event and lots of people loved it,” Saidi Hansen said. “So we decided to do another Harry Potter event.”

The Hogwarts menu featured food and drinks like Butterbeer, shepherd’s pie, pumpkin juice and a buffet meal.

“I was very excited for this Hogwarts Feast. I’m a big Potterhead, Hufflepuff girl,” Hogwarts Feast attendee Cheynie Wray said.

Wray said she tried to attend the Hogwarts Feast in October. She was unable to get a ticket as the event had already sold out.

“When I heard they’re doing this again, I immediately wanted to come,” Wray said, “It’s been lovely. They decorated so cute and the food is all very cinematic. I had a delicious Butterbeer so it’s been really fun.”

The Skyroom went all out with Harry Potter-inspired decorations, and organizers encouraged attendees to dress in costume.

Additionally, guests could pick their Hogwarts house and snag a seat at the matching table.

As for future events or more Hogwarts Feasts, the Skyroom is keeping that under wraps for now.

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